Who is vintagemamasew?

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I’m so glad you found your way over to this small section of the web.  My passion in life is to serve Jesus by fulfilling my job as wife, mother and teacher with joy, creativity, humility, frugality, and most importantly…love.

I love cooking, sewing, knitting, photography, gardening, and home schooling my five wonderful kids.  Join us on our journey to self-sustaining living on our 20 acre farm.  Click the image below to follow our farming adventures.

We have five children. Our fourth child Josie “Josie Bean”, has Metatropic Dysplasia- a rare form of dwarfism. I am currently writing a series of children’s books to draw awareness.

I love knitting and photography and twenty other creative skills.

Please subscribe. I pop in here a few times a week and share the joys and challenges of our life.

Feel free to snoop around the various sections of my daily life (categories) or see what I’ve been up to recently (latest happenings).

Be blessed, inspired, and encouraged.

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