knitting know-how: how to finish well

I just thought I’d share a wonderful article on how to weave in your ends.  As many projects as I’ve done, I have never once done this right.  Though I did watch some YouTube videos on this, they seemed to think there was no right or wrong way to do it.  Thank goodness someone took the time to clear up that myth.  So, without further ado, and knowing all-too-well that I could be the only who cares…here’s the link to The Purl Bee’s article.

P.S.  Look what I got at a real live yarn store in California.  Nick allowed me to indulge myself in this soft and dreamy yarn.

In my opinion every trip should at some point include a local fiber shop.  I really am becoming a yarn snob.  Knitting with quality natural fiber should not be done unless you’re willing to never go back to acrylic again.  It’s apples and oranges I tell ya.  Thank you to my sweet husband who puts up with and enables my addiction.





knit frenzy

I have finally gotten back into the knit of things around here.  All my needles and yarn are accessable, and my need for sitting down is increasing.  Therefore,  I have gone knit crazy.  In only one day I made a second wool soaker for Desmond, using the curly purly pattern again.  I am very relieved that it’s done before he arrived.  I just love how tiny it is.  I can’t believe it’s for a human and not a Polly Pocket.  I am always amazed about the size of newborns.  You think by now I’d be used to it.  I am not.

I cast on just today for a sleep sack for Des.  I am using the Kicking Bag for Babies pattern.  Do you notice something weird?  Yes, that’s a turkey baster.  I saw this genius idea on Thornberry yesterday.  My verdict is that it’s awesome for starting the ball.  I took it off and finished it by hand when it wasn’t much bigger than this.  Maybe the sock yarn was the problem.  It is very silky.  I’ll be trying it again with some wool.  It was great to not be throwing the yarn and watching it roll across the floor unraveling all the work.  I’m determined to wind a whole skien next time.

Finally, I’d like to share with you all that I have a pattern crush on Jane Richmond.  I love all her patterns.  They are fresh, hip, and beautiful.  I cast on the Mustard Scarf.  It was a must.  They pattern is very simple too.  That’s always a good thing for a scatter-brained person like me.

This concludes Confessions of a Knitaholic With a Yarn Addiction…for now.

yarn addiction

I have a yarn addiction.  I can’t control.  I don’t want to.  I just want to live at this store among this yummy wool.  Maybe it’s a pregnancy craving.  Maybe it will only get stronger as the years go on.  Whatever the case, I’m in love.

This is my life.  Knitting is all I want to do right now.  I have a very special, and I dare say ambitious, project I started yesterday for Isabel’s birthday in June.  You can expect to see body parts of it from time to time until completion.

Here’s the top of the head…

All this knitting forces me to sit, which is hard to do when we are moving soon.  Relax time with results :)