what’s in our workboxes: 4th and 6th grade (using a filing cabinet)

Are you tired of hearing about the Workbox System?  No, you’re not!  I’m not a bit tired about talking of them either.

This video tour shows you what’s now in our file cabinet “workboxes”.  I love this file system for the older kids.  They love it and chose not to get a rolling cart when given the choice to upgrade.

This is great for apartment and small spaces as well.  They key to having them feel motivated in this setup, is to make sure you fill their schedule every time.  The will see their progress and get motivated to finish well.

So without further ado, the video tour.

Do you use workboxes?  What’s your favorite method?


There’s been a stirring going on in my heart lately.  A stirring to grow, to appreciate more, and to enjoy with less seriousness this life I’ve been given.  I finally finish the book On Being a Servant of God and now I’m ready.  We’ll face so many unknowns in the coming years, but this I know.  Nothing should bring me more joy than serving Jesus.

This certainly starts in my home.  I’ve mentioned before that I firmly believe that just because I’m home doesn’t mean I’m not working.  I am.  Not just taking care of kids, but being a frugal, hard worker.  My conduct here is to be just as it would with an employer.  I’ve lacked.

First it was being tired (pregnancy), then I was having back pain, then I was suffering from migraines, and before I knew it I just was being lazy.  One of the last thing I read in the above book was, “If you pamper yourself every time you don’t feel good, you’ll end up doing less and less and eventually will do nothing.”  Ouch.

“When He was dying on the cross, our Lord was never more in the will of God; yet His body certainly didn’t feel good.  I think of that when my arthritis bothers me.  What’s arthritis compared to nails being driven through your hands and feet?”  Double ouch.

It’s time for me to stop having pregnancy, headaches, and gallbladder attacks stop me from being joyful in ministry.  If it’s going to happen anyways, I might as well be useful and loving to my family through it.  Jesus wasn’t focused on Himself while He was dying, He focused on the will of the Father.  His calling.

Have a great weekend.  Happy Valentines Day.  May His true love change you forever.