5 winter knits: a linked pattern list


Knitting.  I love it.  Unfortunately the winters here are so very mild.  My kids are playing outside without jackets right now.  It’s January.  I sometimes I feel like I have a love affair with the wrong craft.

I cannot recover though.  I refuse.  So, I knit and I knit.  Here’s a linked list to free patterns I wish I could justify spending the time knitting.  Perhaps you knit or know someone who does and it’s quite cold where you live.  Good for you.  Here are some marvelous patterns I want to share.

:: Drop Stitch Cowl by Spider Woman Knits

:: Antifreeze by Knitty

:: Laura’s Cowl (hooded) by Red Heart

:: Bulky Cabled Leg Warmers by Knit Freedom

:: Moss Stitch Headband by Drops Designs


It doesn’t snow much here in the southern part of the state (obviously), but when it does you better bust out the camera quick.  It melts within hours.  I waited a bit too long to take this shot.  People were seen in their yard trying to make snow men out of this.  I chuckled to myself.  They would be better off making mud pies.  I do understand the excitement though.  It’s rare and short-lasting.  The snow, that is.

This was taken on Sunday.  Today it’s 71 degrees and sunny, and the door is open letting in a nice breeze.  I have learned to like this weather.  Short winters and long springs and summer are very enjoyable.  Kids play, birds chirp and dance, I knit…it’s all good.  Bring on the spring!


After weeks of seeing other blogs happily (and some not so happily) post pictures of wintery days, I can finally do the same.  Just yesterday I was wondering if it would ever look and feel like winter.  Highs were in the low 70s, lows in the 40s.  The yard was filled with birds hopping all around and the air was singing choruses of chirpping.  It was then that I realized where the birds fly “south for the winter”– here.

I’m not saying I completely love a frozen nose and chattering teeth, but to experience every season in it’s fullest makes the year more rhythmic.  This is my baking season.  Who doesn’t love the smell of baked goods lingering as the fire roars.  As much as we “slack off” of our lessons in the fall and summer, we more than make up for in the winter.  Long cold days call for much reading and learning here.  Cuddling under a blanket and discovering things we never knew about the human body, and diving into a world before electricity as we read about Benjamin Franklin has been our ventures this week.

Looking out the old wooden windows today has my thoughts turning towards cocoa and knitting.  Oh, knitting.  How I love thee on a cold winters’ day.  Can’t we all just be bears and hibernate?  It is so hard to get dressed during winter.  Pajamas are far too comfy and warm.  Our first snow is for-casted for tonight.  I have my reservations, but certainly my hope as well.