beating the heat

IMG_1619 IMG_1623 IMG_1617There is a heat advisory in our area now.  As if anyone who lives here needs to be advised that it’s totally stinkin’ hot.  Naturally, it was the perfect time for our AC unit to break.  Yeah, not so fun.  I know that there are people who live in the jungle and never have air.  If you’re not raised that way or you’re not on the mission field, it’s difficult to be at ease with the inside of your house reaching 90 degrees. I’m so thankful that Nick found such helpful people to walk him through the fix.  It took two full days to get our house cooler.  We have it rigged now, but the cold air’s blowing.  All this yucky heat led us to break out the swimming pool that was given to us a few months ago. This kids didn’t seem to mind this route for cooling off. What are some of your ideas for cooling off?  Popsicles are another one of our favorite beat-the-heat treats.

Swimming towel tutorial

june 09I made this spa-style swimming towel for a little girl’s birthday present.  The design is my own.  It’s fast and simple.  This would also work for any age. 

 Please link back to this site if you post pictures.  This is for private use only.  You may not sell items made from this pattern.


Bath Towel


1 inch width elastic (I used “Stretch Rite” non-roll, but any would work)

Ribbon (optional)

2 safety pins

*all seams are 1/4 inch unless otherwise stated

Step 1

Attach “jeans” needle to machine– or a 16-18 regular needle.  Remember to sew slowly over all thick seams to prevent needle from breaking.

Step 2

Sew bath towel right sides together, and press seem open. 

Step 3

Press top of towel over 1 1/2 inches to make enough room for elastic to go through.  Leave 2 inches unsewn in the back.

Step 4

Measure elastic to fit under the arm pits and above the bustline, and cut.

Step 5

Pin one end of elastic to the right side of the 2 inch open fold.  Pin the other side of the elastic with the second pin and leave loose. 

Step 6

Feed the loose end of the elastic all the way through the top fold of the towel, being careful not to twist the elastic inside the fold. 

Step 7

Pull both ends tight giving yourself some slack to work with.  Lay one end onto of the other with a 1/2 inch of each end overlapping the other. and sew into a “rectangle” shape.  push into the fold and sew the fold shut.

Step 8

Embellish with ribbons, bows

* variation*

If you are making for a small child/baby sew a hem to shorten

june 09 037