while away

Nick is on a mission trip this week. We have had snow, mud, art, and crafts to keep us busy here.

It’s so quiet at night, when all the kids are sleeping, and there is no adult conversation going on.

I’ve gotten myself on a cross stitch kick, so you’re going to have to bare with me. My sewing machine isn’t keeping good tension, so no quilt blocks are coming together. Those darn machines are seemingly determined to stop my mental momentum. Does that happen to you?

I do love a new craft to learn, so it’s just as well. I remember watching my own mama cross stitching. I like that I’m enjoying the same thing she enjoys. There’s a special plan for a little flower I finished, which I do believe, a certain girl with a fast-approaching birthday is going to adore.

What is new in your tiny corner of the Earth?






It doesn’t snow much here in the southern part of the state (obviously), but when it does you better bust out the camera quick.  It melts within hours.  I waited a bit too long to take this shot.  People were seen in their yard trying to make snow men out of this.  I chuckled to myself.  They would be better off making mud pies.  I do understand the excitement though.  It’s rare and short-lasting.  The snow, that is.

This was taken on Sunday.  Today it’s 71 degrees and sunny, and the door is open letting in a nice breeze.  I have learned to like this weather.  Short winters and long springs and summer are very enjoyable.  Kids play, birds chirp and dance, I knit…it’s all good.  Bring on the spring!