the big catch-up

We are finally moved into our cute little house.  We love it.  It is perfect for us.  Since I love old vintage things so much, a vintage house is perfect for me.  The street is quiet and calm, the park is just around the corner, and the neighbor boy is at our house nearly everyday.  In fact he even stayed for dinner last night.  I feel like we’re living in the Cleaver’s world.  I just love June.  She cooks, cleans, and even knits.  That’s my ideal kind of role model :)

Here’s the final finish on the hardwood floors.  36+ hours of work in 5 days.  That’s good ol’ fashioned sweat equity.

We’re very prideful about our floors. Very.


I found a picture of the actual finished floor.  Nick was so kind as to point out my mistake :)

In the midst of this crazy move, I was surprised with a baby shower.  I walked into the room and burst into a ridiculous mess of overwhelmed sobbing.  I just can’t believe that in only one year God has surrounded me with such wonderful friends.  What a blessing.  I really can’t be blamed for the uncontrollable crying.  I am pregnant along with exhausted and shocked.  It was a good shocked though.  I am ready for little Desmond to come.  Real ready.  Not just with supplies and clothes, but I just can’t wait to meet him.

And so concludes our catch-up for today.  I have nothing else.  I’ve taken 8 pictures in 7 days.  Most of them are not good ones either :)  That’s unheard of around here.  Monday shall bring more I’m sure…and determined.  I missed you friends.

progress is good

Last night Nick put the clear primer and first coat of finish on the hardwood floors we’ve been so feverishly working on.  In case you would like to know how two people with zero experience can refinish a floor you can watch this video.  That’s how we learned.  We watched it a few times and got right at it.  If we can do this you can too.  I won’t say it’s easy.  It’s a lot of work, but it is simple.  Rip out carpet, take up carpet tacks, punch down nails, sand, fill in holes, finish, enjoy!

Here is Nick filling in the holes.  Yes, those are the nails I pounded in.  Every.  Last.  One.  See why I almost cried?  He didn’t ever do all the ones I pounded on.  Also notice the ugly wall paper is gone.  Yay.  We’re going to paint it a simalar color as you see here.  Just a tad more yellow.  I can’t wait to see it complete.  It should be done Thursday.  The floors…not the paint.  We’ll be doing that later.  I’m working with a list of milestones here.  Checking each off is going to be so relieving.

dear friends

Dear Friends,

I’m sorry I haven’t written much lately.  We have been so busy working on our new house.  I can’t wait to show you the pictures when it’s done.  Ever since Thursday, we have been at hard at work ripping out carpet and carpet tack, pounding in nails, sanding the floors, and taking off wall paper.  I am greatly pleased about the way it is turning out.  We have just a few more days before it is all done.

The kids have also been working hard as well.  Isabel has been a great help with the babies.  She has also been unpacking all the kitchen stuff.  Our pantry is full thanks to her.  Andre has enjoyed some manly labor too.  He definitely wants to keep the nail magnet.  There have been late nights and grumpy kids, but life is so crazy right now I can’t blame them.

I have been feeling surprisingly good considering all the work that’s been taking place.  Yesterday, I punched down hundreds of nails in preparation of sanding the floors.  I’m happy to announce that I didn’t smash my finger.  Not even once.  That was my personal goal for the day.  A smashing of a finger just leads to a smashing of another finger in my experience.  There just was no time for that.

I’ll confess that I was about half way through the family room when I almost gave up.  I actually almost cried.  I had been going for about four hours, and I still had so much it felt like it would never end.  A word was echoing in my head…perservere.  I just kept going.  A little Dairy Queen Blizzard does a body good :)  Snickers and cookie dough is a perfect match for splinters in the rear, sore fingers and cramped up arms.

Nick has been extra busy too.  He is still working all day.  Pray for him.  He is squeezing in study time for sermons whenever he can.  With all the work that he’s been doing on the house, he is maxed out.

We are almost done.  I’m so glad.  When we move in we’re just going to sit on the couch and admire the beautiful wood floors.  Some blood, some sweat, and near tears.  All those hours of labor.  If someone dents the floor, I think I’ll get physically sick.  I know every part of that floor intimately.  It’s like a part of me now.  An experience that I’ll never forget.  Memories of making our cute little house a home.

I’m not sure when I’ll write next.  Like I said, It’s busy around here.  Until then, God bless you and take care.  Count your blessings even in the hardest times.  Never forget that when you feel like giving up…persevere.  The reward in the end is incredible.