sewing mama

Just before Christmas I learned a new sewing skill or two.  My very sweet neighbor taught me four quilting techniques.

Paper piecing:

IMG_9984 IMG_9986 Free Motion Quilting:IMG_9990

All Piece Quilting:


Applique: (the hearts shown)


I’ve sneaked down the street a few times as of late.  Not only is her house draped with decades of beautiful quilts, but it’s silent.  It’s good for mama to escape into quiet moments now and then.  Just cheerful chatter and the humming of a sewing machine can refresh even a most filled and exhausted mind, such as this one.

What have you been stitching?

simple pleasures

Last night we were given this quilt by someone I don’t know.  She made it just for Josie.

She heard about Josie from my mother-in-law, and she felt the need to bless her with a beautiful handmade quilt she named “Simple Pleasures”.

Bubbles, air balloons, kites, fish, tea cups, fireworks, and carousals are among the pleasures this quilt features.  Josie is thrilled to have a possession to guard, and Nick and I are touched by the sweet gesture.

I apologize about the focus.  I’m trying to figure out a camera more complicated than humans.