In my discovery of busy bags, I also discovered notebooking.  1+1+1=1 has wonderful FREE printable notebooks.  We are currently using the calender notebooks for the two older kids, the tot notebook for Josie, and The Very Hungry Caterpiller Preschool Pack + 2012 update and You Can Read Set 1 for Olivia.

This website is Montessori based education, and they are a Christian family.  I really appreciate the fact the her printable are 100% FREE.  There are options to buy packs, but only if you want them before her own child completes the section.

I do not have a lamintator yet.  I only printed the pages that needed to be cut out on card stock.  All pages that go in the notebooks are on regular paper.

The kids all love having their notebooks, and I love that we’re not wasting tons of paper on printing practice for the little girls.  This keeps the little girls busy and learning, and the big kids up-to-date along with practicing extended form, and weather tracking.  We love ;)

busy bags

I have discovered busy bags.  They are life savers.  Normally while I’m schooling the older kids, I throw paper, crayons, scissors, pens, glue stick and such at the younger kids in hopes that they’ll be entertained enough to let me talk with the students.

The Big Bang Theory of paper crafting doesn’t work.  It seems as in real life, even if you have all the supplies, you still need an intelligent plan.

So, I looked for an intelligent plan.

I found one.  Busy bags.  You can find a ba-gillion of them online.  Here are my favorite sites are Montessori For Everyone and Money Saving Mom.

My favorite is the first.  It has a huge selection, and many are for older kids as well.

I made an obscene amount of these over the last few days.  You just print out the activities, put it in a bag, and wait for the kids to beg you for them.  It’s that easy.  I now see pom poms and colored paper clips in my future.  I made about 20 bags using only what I had on hand.

They work.  They’re cute. They’re cheap. They’re easy to clean up.  They’re educational.  They’re here to stay.

Busy bags…if you don’t have some, get some.