what’s on the needles: park fun edition

IMG_3993IMG_3996IMG_4010IMG_4012IMG_4002I admit to being the sort of mama who doesn’t always enjoy going to the park.  I feel like getting ready to watch the kids play is too much effort.  I’d much rather stay in me pj’s and be barefooted while knitting inside and glancing out the window.   The thing about city life id that it’s not all about me, right?  I kids LOVE the park and so I must oblige them as often as possible.  This truly keeps us all sane.  Cabin fever is a frequent ailment these days.

I’m trying to be better.  Better at self-sacrifice, effort when I’m tired, letting them be kids, ignoring the fact that out seven brushes are never to be found, better at calm.  I’m attempting to train into my heart more slow, more thankfulness, more heart swelling moments of pleasure. More enjoyment.

After all there is always something to enjoy.

This day I enjoyed this:

Feeling proud of Josie Bean for all the physical accomplishments she had been though.  I’m proud of her for simply being able to ride her bike.

I feel happy to see the kids playing with friends at the park, and friends who share their super fun Christmas gifts such as hover boards.

I found excitement in watching a bunch of neighborhood kids use their imaginations.

I was surprised and joyful to watch my boys playing basketball with each other when they could’ve played with someone else.  They preferred each other!

I felt relaxed knitting in the warmth of the winter sun this beautiful pattern.  I look forward to wrapping up in this knit so very much.


This weekend we had some friends come and stay with us.  Really, they are more than friends.  They are so much like family it’s hard sometimes remember that they aren’t.  They’re the kind of friends that are there in good times and bad.  We love them dearly.  I was beyond blessed to just be with them.

When I first gave my life to the Lord, this couple discipled me, loved me, got me a job, and played vital roles in my growth and walk with Jesus.  I can’t really explain how much they mean to me.  Wonderful friends.  It was so nice to have them around.

Not only did we enjoy some great talks and hearty laughs, they helped us…lots.  They packed boxes, did some handy work, cleaned, bathed kids.  Goodness.  That is a friend.  Our children, all (nine of them), are great friends too.  I love that so much.  It is so exciting just to know that ten years from now when our oldest girls are driving (okay stop thinking such thoughts Jennee), they will still be friends no matter how far apart we live.  The other nice thing is that we adults be will too…praying for our teenagers just as we pray for our littles now.  True friendship is hard to find.  We are blessed that God arranges the deepest, most loving friendships for us.

Here are the brood of children that were squealing and laughing and eating plenty of sugar, and staying up late, and waking so very early…and climbing trees and getting filthy and have a marvelous time doing it all.

Girls are adorable.  Babies are sweet and fun.  Boy are shirtless, dirty savages…I love it.