Today, I have worked on the apples we picked from Annie’s Apple Orchard.  We have no less that 25 pounds of them.   Some of my favorite recipes for apples are apple cake, apple pie, and apple butter.

First up, apple pie.  No I didn’t feel like making a top crust so I just covered it the whole time with foil.  I’m such a cheater, I know.

The recipe come from a very old cookbook I picked up at a garage sale called The American Women’s Cookbook.  I really love using this cookbook.  I have already posted our favorite apple pie and crust recipes here.  Please enjoy them.

What are you favorite apple recipes?  Leave a link in the comments to share with everyone.

lemon meringue pie

In the past couple of weeks I have made 3 lemon meringue pies.  I love lemon meringue pies.  I also love Alton Brown.  Everything I have made from him has turned out fabulous…and I’ve made a dozen or more of his recipes.  So, here’s the recipe for the pie, and my go-to pie crust.  Please make this.  You’ll love it I promise…unless you don’t like lemon meringue pie.  I have no idea why you wouldn’t though.  That’s like not liking chocolate or garlic– unthinkable.  Now to cut a slice of goodness…