Poke A Dot had twins!!

After several days of up at night; I can sleep easy knowing we have happy, healthy kids. Poke A Dot is a great mama.

farm news


So much to report here.  First, the hogs are dropped off for processing.  *sigh*

I can’t fully explain how relieving it is to say that.  The (unnamed) pigs were not my favorite.  We have been completely humbled by raising the duo of trouble known only as “girl pig” and “boy pig”.  What an experience.

If ever we thought we could build a strong enough fence from free and re purposed materials…we were wrong.  If ever we thought pigs were “clean” animals…we were wrong.  If ever we thought we could think steps ahead of how they would escape next…they would forget digging and nudging and bust straight through the pen.


Will we ever raise pigs again?  Yes.  But this time we know all their shenanigans and we’ll be prepared.  At least, we think we will be.

As for chickens…ahhhh.

Coyotes have taken six of them this week.  I really feel like we failed them.  We are in the middle of re enforcing our back fence directly because of this.  For now our once free-ranging chickens are locked safely in the coop where those mangy killers can’t get them.

I am still sad about this, though I’m also a bit surprised it took nine months before this became a problem.


Lastly, our Nubien does are pregnant, and will be kidding somewhere between the end of May or June.  I cannot wait to have baby goats to love on.  I am also looking forward to the abundance of fresh, raw goat’s milk and cheese.