organic learning: nature walks

A decade has passed since I first heard of nature studies. Nature studies are very popular in the Charlotte Mason school philosophy.  I admit that I never really did nature walks.  When my tiny humans were even more tiny, I had no energy to make it out-of-doors much.  I dreamed of the day I would actually enjoy the idea instead of feeling the burden of packing a picnic lunch.

For the most part I do believe we have arrived in my formally imaginative ideal.  If you are in the mind-set of my formal self, please do not feel judged that your children do not know all the species of trees.  Mine either.

I was surprised that after all the avoiding of the outdoors, my kids shocked the pants off of me today with their knowledge.  They identified racoon tracks, deer tracks, coyote scat, bat remains, bat guano, dragon flies, cranes, black birds, gopher skulls, and owl pellets. This is just around the corner from where we live.  We are very fortunate to have a free nature conservatory so close to home.  We really scored on our observations.

While I wasn’t brave enough to adventure with the kids when they were small, I did expose them to lots of wonderful books and some long documentaries. Thank goodness they love to read and learn.  I recommend this method if you want to expose your children to nature and the love of it, but nap times for babies and mental health for mama aren’t making these outings common.  They’ve gotten older and more self-sufficient.  Nature outings aren’t as taxing on me these days.

When they were smaller, I tried to point out beautiful things whenever it came up in a regular day.  All I really taught them was to be aware of what is out there.  Their natural interests and book reading takes the credit for all else. I’m just in awe of today, and how much they all knew and saw.


Today was amazing because we got to spend this day in nature with our dear granny nanny. She has taken some time off from being with us, and it was so nice to see her again.  We are so blessed that God has brought her through some tough years, and brought her to the place where she speaks so much truth and love to us.  She is amazing.

Today was a good day.




Olivia received a Lady Bug Land for her Birthday in March.  We waited until all settled with the move before we ordered our Ladybugs.  It’s been a week or so since we got the tubular package in the mail.

Everyday she checks the progress of the tiny bugs.  Everyday she gives them water.  Everyday she asks me when they’ll be “in adults”.  Yesterday, she delighted to announce to everyone that some were adults.

Homeschooling is fun.  I got to see her face the moment she discovered something that thrilled her beyond imagination.

I will add that I’m thrilled too…when it’s time to release them, the garden will be an even happier place.

farm life

So far we have bust our tails to get the farm ready for gardens, chickens, and a fleet of children.  We’ve moved in many of our belongings already.  Saturday is the big move.

We have discovered that most of the 30+ trees and bushes on the property are on a drip system, yay! The kids discovered some fun things as well.  If you’re into that type of thing that is.  We’re plugging away at the endless work, and learning the land.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the farm blog in the side bar for all the latest happenings.