moving to the city

If you haven’t been here long, you my not know. I’ll share with you a not-so-secret.  I’m a planner.  I love things in my head being organized and thought out well.  I like to have a paper planner.  Old school style.  We have moved 7 previous times in 15 years with lots of time and help and organized lists, labeled boxed by room and most important contents, all utilities changed ahead of time ect.  This time was much different.

Though we had planned on moving for a few months, I was in school and couldn’t even consider looking at a box until I graduated.  So, we moved in two weeks.  Two weeks from nothing packed to sleeping in a new home.  I had to let lots of things go.

Today is our fifth day living in our new house in the city.  Guess what?  I still have all the utilities on at the old house.  That’s right.  Everything’s a mess.  Well, to me anyways.  I tried to take care of the rest of the list I had made today, but it’s in Nick;s name, so he has to do it.

It’s out of my hands.

I’m learning that most things are nowadays.  It’s so much a bad thing.

I am forced to relinquish control over my life in small details, and big ones as well.  This causes me to have to make peace with where I am and who really is in charge.

Despite my efforts to have every details thought and planned, I make a mess that only God can clean up.

I hadn’t looked at my planner or a calendar for a week. I forgot about appointments that inconvenienced a certain person…that made me feel awful.

I got sick right at moving time.

Josie had a urgent medical appoint I had to drive 1.5 hours to (she’s going to be fine), Isabel had to be taken to the urgent care and ER (She will also be fine), and I felt like giving up the ghost by the end of it all.

I’m not truly in control.  There are things I forget due to my human mind, events that you are unable foresee, and it ‘s hard predict how you will feel or how much energy you’ll have.

It’s not all about me or my plans and schedule.  Sometimes it’s about forgetting all that and just enjoying a moment in time.  Rest when you are forced to rest.  Be made to train your high-strung pup who is terrified of all the houses in the city. Just let it go.

Me.  I need to let go and just enjoying moving to the city.



pack it up pack it in

Today my house started to fill with brown boxes.  The large task of purging and throwing and packing has commenced.  I pack one box at a time and guard it carefully as little ones like to toss in an item or two in their great need for helping and mimicking.   Bye-bye precious yarn…see you at the farm.

the big catch-up

We are finally moved into our cute little house.  We love it.  It is perfect for us.  Since I love old vintage things so much, a vintage house is perfect for me.  The street is quiet and calm, the park is just around the corner, and the neighbor boy is at our house nearly everyday.  In fact he even stayed for dinner last night.  I feel like we’re living in the Cleaver’s world.  I just love June.  She cooks, cleans, and even knits.  That’s my ideal kind of role model :)

Here’s the final finish on the hardwood floors.  36+ hours of work in 5 days.  That’s good ol’ fashioned sweat equity.

We’re very prideful about our floors. Very.


I found a picture of the actual finished floor.  Nick was so kind as to point out my mistake :)

In the midst of this crazy move, I was surprised with a baby shower.  I walked into the room and burst into a ridiculous mess of overwhelmed sobbing.  I just can’t believe that in only one year God has surrounded me with such wonderful friends.  What a blessing.  I really can’t be blamed for the uncontrollable crying.  I am pregnant along with exhausted and shocked.  It was a good shocked though.  I am ready for little Desmond to come.  Real ready.  Not just with supplies and clothes, but I just can’t wait to meet him.

And so concludes our catch-up for today.  I have nothing else.  I’ve taken 8 pictures in 7 days.  Most of them are not good ones either :)  That’s unheard of around here.  Monday shall bring more I’m sure…and determined.  I missed you friends.