Josie is well

Everything went well with the surgery. We are home and trying to heal and sleep and take care of the basics. Her demeanor is great. There are challenges with pain and itching, but she’s doing better than I expected. Thank you all for prayers, calls, and gifts.


he’s taller


My two year old decided to shoot up past his four year old sis, suddenly. My how they grow up. Like a blink of an eye.

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what’s josie up to?

Josie has started physical therapy here.  She loves Monica.  I love that Monica trained with a specialist in bone lengthening, who saw many paitients with dwarfism.  She came all the way from Florida.  I think she was sent for a purpose.

God is great.  He seems to be providing Josie the care she needs even though we’re in a rural area.  As a mother, I couldn’t be more excited.