big, dry, fluffy news

After nearly two years of not having a drying,  we have moved into the nineteenth century.  Since I’m a notorious nerd about research, I found info about the dryer.  Click here for the history.  I must say that within the hour of its installation, it was working hard.


It’s not new or glamorous.  It was free.  It’s not even energy efficient *gasp* , but golly does it dry clothes.  I’m one happy housewife.  Good bye clothing monsters peering ugly heads from every closet.  Line drying will continue in the spring and summer months. The usual winter laundry back-up will not win this years.

I still appreciate the money that’s saved by using the line.  I also know that since our heat source is free and our cooling source is very expensive, I have a bit of room to wiggle on the winter bill.  Perfect swap-out I’d say.

What conveniences are you willing to spend the money on?  I still can’t bring myself to buy paper towel.

enjoying now

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Last week we saw some very cold weather.  By cold I mean in the teens, which isn’t normal here.  This week couldn’t be more opposite.  I love 70.  Doesn’t it feel perfect?

Today, I finally made some headway on laundry.  I really missed drying clothes outside.  I have no idea how you East coast friends survive without a dryer.  We were struggling here without one.  You can only do so much laundry with a 24 hour drying time.

Nick worked on fencing in the back of the property.  I am thankful he works so hard.  Our little hens got some roaming time under the close and constant supervision of Nick and the kids.

It was a productive and beautiful day.  I could handle a few more like it.  Especially in the clothing department.

the rise and fall

We have enjoyed the simplicity of farm life so far.  I won’t say it’s been easy.  It’s just not complicated.  We have central AC for the first time in 7 years.  I love it.  It will be more costly though.  I think after working in the hot dry heat all day it’s worth keeping.  I decided not to give myself the option of a dryer to save money.  I know if I have it I’ll use it more than I want, and since we were going to have to buy an electric one (our old one is gas) I figured I could live with nothing but a clothesline.

Nick (we’ll call him future farmer) did a great job of buying, digging, cementing, leveling me a real nice line.  I couldn’t wait to use it…but I did.  Two whole days just to make sure the cement cured well.

Yesterday, I finally put it to use.

It didn’t go as I expected.

I guess the land that’s soft and easy to farm is too loose for a small hole with lots of weight.  At least the clothes were dry by the time it fell.  Here’s to round two.