yarn along

I’m joining Small Things today for a Yarn Along.

In her words:

The Yarn Along began in early Fall 2010 as a way to share knitting projects and good reads; motivating ourselves, and inspiring each other.  Every week knitters, and a few crocheters as well, link up and share a photo (or two) of what they are knitting and what they are reading.  Knowing that Yarn Along Wednesday is coming up is a great way to stay motivated to finish those projects!  And I, for one, am always on the lookout for a great book recommendation as well.

There’s a link in the side bar if you want to join as well.


This week I ‘m continuing the re-working of my Canary pattern (in the side bar).  The Scarlet Letter is about half read.  Since I’m reading it on my ibooks app, I didn’t post a picture of it.  I also added to my reading, maybe we should call it drooling, 101 Log Cabin Blocks by House of White Birches Publishing House.

My quilting extraordinaire neighbor got it for me.  I’m so excited because my laundry room/quilting room is almost free of clothing, thus I can actually quilt soon :)

What is on your needles/hook and coffee table?

the absentee

My computer has been constantly crashing; hence this blog has been silent. I will do my best to update you by way of mobile device.

The farm has been busy, as we are gearing up for the soon breeding of our goats, processing of the pigs and turkeys, and starting to turn our thought towards wood stoves and garden boxes.

I debuted at the Farmer’s market with a friend. We received a generous gift of leather couches and beds for the girl’s room.

It has been busy, but fun and productive. We’ve found our moments of fun and play, amidst the schedules and school work.

I’ve been back at my knitting…working through my stash to justify the need to try my hand at spinning :)

We have been full of blessings here, laced with work and planning. What has this season brought you?

yarn along


Yippee!  I finally finished The Count of Monte Cristo.  I immediately started Mansfield Park by Jane Austen.  I love Jane, don’t you?

A hat is on the needles.

What are you reading and knitting/crocheting?

Join me as I link up with Small Things Yarn Along every Wednesday.