yarn along


It’s back folks.  My knit mania that is.  I have worked on this blanket for years now.  It’s really turning into a beast.  It’s merely a scrap blanket.  I had some hats and such completed for Christmas, and that lead me to more bits to add in.  I’m loving the memories of gifts I see when I look at this blanket.  Some are from my first projects (which were quite ugly, I assure you).

On the night stand are some great reads.

The Three Musketeers I do love a good classic read.

Sacred Marriage  Not too far into this one, but I love the concepts so far.  Very deep.

Hinds Feet on High Places  I’ve already picked this preface apart on here.  I think you get that I’m into it :)

5 winter knits: a linked pattern list


Knitting.  I love it.  Unfortunately the winters here are so very mild.  My kids are playing outside without jackets right now.  It’s January.  I sometimes I feel like I have a love affair with the wrong craft.

I cannot recover though.  I refuse.  So, I knit and I knit.  Here’s a linked list to free patterns I wish I could justify spending the time knitting.  Perhaps you knit or know someone who does and it’s quite cold where you live.  Good for you.  Here are some marvelous patterns I want to share.

:: Drop Stitch Cowl by Spider Woman Knits

:: Antifreeze by Knitty

:: Laura’s Cowl (hooded) by Red Heart

:: Bulky Cabled Leg Warmers by Knit Freedom

:: Moss Stitch Headband by Drops Designs

warm bum

Desmond took up some time from Christmas knitting.  Having enough diaper covers is sort of important.  Another Curly Purly made it’s way to the top of the to-make list.

I really love soakers.  They’re amazing, really.

on the mend and off the needles

The kids are on the mend.  The projects that have been done for weeks are finally free from loose ends.  Creeping ever closer to completing crafted gifts for my tiny people and more.  The weekend is going to be filled with baking, fellowship and a certain little boy’s party.  How does six years fly by?

How are you doing on your Christmas gifts?  What projects are you planning?  Do share.  I love to reap the benefits of the many talented people and original ideas that are out there.