baby aviatrix

I have been eyeing the Aviatrix hat for almost two years now.  Finally, I made it for a baby shower gift.  I also improvised some other hats in newborn sizes.  Desmond was kind enough to lend his head for picture-taking purposes.  Seeing how cute he looks in it obviously makes it entirely necessary that he get one as well.  Off to do that.

P.S.  Shooting red is a challenge…especially without Lightroom.  It’s much deeper in color and not at all orange-y.  Just saying ;)

(Details on Ravelry)

cables, cables

I have finally dove into a knitting fear– cables!  I have conquered this fear quite swiftly.  They were certainly nothing to worry about.  With needles in hand and yarn in tote…more presents are sure to be bound off soon :)

warm heads

This is the Stella Pixie Hat in two variations.  One for the new baby in size 3-12 months.  Oh, by the way we are naming him Desmond Nicholas.

Josie was not so excited about modeling it.  I suppose she knew it was in boy colors. 

Isabel got one too.  Same pattern, except I used worsted weight yarn instead of sock yarn.  I followed the 12-24 months instructions.

All details are found on my Ravelry page.