31 days to clean: make a schedule

I’m  putzing along the 31 Days to Clean Challenge.   Today is the “Make a plan” challenge.  I have made some in the past, but now it’s time to get back to a steadt rythm again.  It seems that the slightest thing can throw us off.   So here’s what we’ve been doing, and need to stick to.

House Schedule

7:00                 Wake/Devo

8:00                 Breakfast

8:30                 Morning Chores

9:30                 Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance 

9:35                 Language Arts

10:15               History

10:45               Snack/Recess

11:00               Mathematics

11:45               Science

12:15               Lunch

12:45               Art/Music/Crafts

1:30                 Quiet/Reading time

3:30                 Play outside

4:30                 Afternoon chores

5:00                 Help make dinner

6:30                 Get ready for bed/baths

7:10                 Evening Reading

7:40                 Bible Devo

8:00                 Bedtime