how to make sourdough

So,you want to learn how to make a sourdough starter?  Spoiler alert…it’s VERY easy.

Before I tell you how lets discuss why you should.

First, the health benefits are great.  Here is an article about sourdough benefits from Healthline.

In a nutshell the benefits are GREAT.  It seems that our ancestors continue to prove themselves correct in the way they did things.  We modern folks have tried over and over again to reinvent the wheel, yet we find ourselves getting back to our roots and going a more “artisan” and heritage path, no matter the convenience the new ways bring.

I decided to implement more fermented foods into our diet to heal our guts, help us absorb pre and probiotics, enjoy the flavor and save money.  That’s right.  Money is always tight here.  Making bread is a great way to save mullah.

Homemade bread just tastes better too.

Okay, we have briefly touched on why. Now let’s hit on the making of a sourdough starter.

All that you need to begin a sour dough starter is flour and water.

That’s it.

I used equal parts.  One cup flour and one cup water.

You can use any flour that you want.  Water needs to be filtered if you are using treated water from the city.  The reason for this is because the chlorine and chemicals do not allow for the bacteria and yeasts in your starter to form correctly.

You do not want to make or store a sourdough starter in plastic or metal.  Chemicals leech and reactions are not formed.  I picked this glass jar.

Day 1

1 cup flour, 1cup water, stir.  Cover with a towel to allow air flow. Let this set for 12-24 hours on the counter.

Day 2-5

Take out half the mix and again add 1 cup water and 1 cup flour, stir.  Let set 12-24 hours.

“Feeding” the starter refers to adding to the mix the flour and water.

By the third day you can start using the starter if you see lots of pretty bubbles.  After the fifth day you can either continue to let your starter set out, if you plan to use it often, or you can place an airtight lid on it and keep it in the frig.  Take care to “feed” your starter daily if if have it on the counter, and weekly if you have it in the frig.

After the starter is bubbly you have made a successful starter.  I choose to not discard any starter once it is established.  I drain off the yellowish liquid that floats to the surface and “feed” that starter equal parts water and flour.

I keep mine on the counter right now since I’m using it nearly everyday.  For a list of great recipes check out Farmhouse On Boone’s list.

For the bread above I used King Arthur Flour’s Bread Machine Sour Dough.  I have the Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme. I have had this for almost 10 years. It is an amazing investment.  You can make breads, cakes ect. in it.  Before I had this bread a machine I made bread by hand kneading for six months. After I knew I was committed to making bread, I received the bread machine as a gift.

That’s all there is to making a starter.  It’s a simple way to feed your family a healthy heritage food.  I hope you decide to try it out for yourself.

Comment below and share what you do with your starter.

homemade toothpaste

I read a post from Tammy’s Recipes long ago about homemade toothpaste.  To be honest, I didn’t think I’d ever try it.  Because I was out of toothpaste, and mainly due to the fact that of budget for the month is used, I made some last night.  I had a moment where information met immediate need.  The brain clicked.  It’s always nice when that happens.

I just happened to have some peppermint oil on hand, which was given to me.  I have also started buying coconut oil as a replacement for canola or vegetable oil. I didn’t have any Stevia, so I just didn’t put it in.  In the future I will use Xylitol granules.  If you don’t know what that is here is some great facts about why you should be using it daily.  I was surprised to find that you can 1) restore gum recession and 2) restore enamel.  I always thought that once it was gone that was it.  There is hope :)

Just as soon a I made it (which took three minutes while holding a baby) I gave it a shot.  My verdict was I really liked it.  I will say that the taste of baking soda isn’t a flavor I’m used to, however; the mint is helpful.  I really love the way my teeth feel afterwards.  Slick and clean.

To read a full post on how to clean your teeth and save your gums read Dr. Ellies blog.  I am planning on integrating her system into our house in the next month or two.  I have a new obsession.  Healthy teeth and gums.

Thirfty Thursday: make it

With the holiday season quickly approaching, I am feeling a bit more pressure to get all my gift projects completed.  So far I have knitted 4 scarfs and 3 hats, cut out 1 pattern, and thought about a zillion other things.  I think it’s time to get busy.

I determined in my heart to make ALL Christmas gifts this year.  Not only does this save money, but also I just believe that everyone I love deserves handmade gifts made just for them.  I know I really feel special when I receive something handmade, and so I want to bless the ones I love with the same feeling. 

So on the list (this is a short version) of hand made items are:

3 aprons

1 stocking

7 pj pants

4 more knitted hats

3 more knitted scarfs

2 pairs of knitted socks

Christmas cards (to send out)

bows for our little friends and family

embroidered hankies for all

a  blanket knitted…this is optional so only if I get my act together

Think I can pull it off?  I am determined.  I do want to so badly.  Here’s a challenge for you…try to make christmas gifts for everyone on your list.  Don’t feel pressure to spend ridiculous amounts of money this year.  Even if you had never made a thing in your life…try.  Start small.  If you knit…washclothes or a scarf.  If sewing, a simple blanket.  If doing paper crafts why not make a box of pre-made cards for someone to have on hand for various occasions.  If none of this is fesable…make photo albums for family with all your favorite pictures from the year.  Grandparents especially love these.  Or frame your family picture.  Even if you only make 1 gift, you’ll save money and bless the socks off someone…or as I’m hoping, onto someone ;) 

Check out my links in the side bar.  These are my favorite sites for FREE ideas and patterns.  What are some of yours?

What are some ideas you have for this season?

Be encouraged and go get busy!  Christmas will be here sooner than you think.  Let the creating begin!