mystery of history curriculum review

I posted here about all the curriculum we’re using this year.  We are continuing through Mystery of History Volume 1.  I’ll let you know right off the bat, we LOVE it!.  I had a request several months back for a review.  Now that we’ve used it for a reasonable amount time, I’m ready to give you my full review.

Please keep in mind, we haven’t completed the book.  I can tell the system of it now, and that every lesson follows the same format.  The simplicity of this curriculum is one of its greatest strengths.  If your child can read you don’t even need to “teach” it.  It’s written to the child.  The activities are short and common enough (no crazy shopping lists) for us to be able to complete them all.  The only thing I purchased was a sewing board for our timeline.

I love the timeline.  It folds up and fits in compact areas.  Timelines we had in the past never got put up because I didn’t like it all over my house.  We don’t have a school room.

So, here’s how it looks.





Every three lessons, the timeline and memory cards are filled out.

IMG_2244 IMG_2245


There are review tests and pretests.  These are short but impacting.  No over testing involved



IMG_2248 IMG_2249



All the activities we do are filed in a binder, along with tests, and reviews.  The sections we have in our binder are categorized by geographical regions.

The curriculum’s flexibility  is wonderful.  This is designed for K-12.  One book of history for all grades!  You know I love a multi-leveled curriculum. This doesn’t disappoint.  You can make the activities as complicated or simple as you need to.  You can also turn each lesson into a week-long study if that’s what you like.  We don’t.  I usually have books for the week’s topics in every reading level.  They read more in-depth information on their own.  If I’m particularly unorganized or behind, I pull up online articles for the older kids to read.

I don’t say this often but, I can’t see myself ever searching for a different history book for our schooling.  I love that we can do this together, or I can plan out independent study as the kids get older.  There’s just enough written to cover it well, but not to bore them out of the fun of learning history.

We love!  Here’s a link for more information.  There are different volumes.  When you complete one you go to the next.  Then you can circulate them.

I have also done a YouTube video that goes through the book details.  Thanks for reading.  I hope this was helpful.  Please ask any questions you may have.  Have a great day of schooling those babes!


multi-leveled and non-consumable curriculum

IMG_1044 IMG_1098 IMG_1100

We are starting up the New Year with all kids back into homeschooling.  Tomorrow is going to be our first day back.  I certainly have ideals as far as curriculum goes, but we’re filling in blanks here.  This is the plan for the rest of this school year.

One thing I have decided from here on out, is to buy non-consumable curriculum when possible.  Multi-level and non-consumable is an ideal.  I wish that existed in every subject.  It doesn’t.

I have loved and enjoyed Jac Kris Publishing for all our language for the last three years.  Sadly, I just don’t want to have that annual cost anymore.  I have landed on Rod and Staff for writing and grammar.  I’m excited to see how that works out.  Isabel will be the first to try.  We still have enough of the older curriculum for the rest of the little ones this year.

Saxon math is so great.  I love the daily review, and the self-teaching style of new concepts.  I still go through the lesson with each child, but if they forget a part or just need to see it again everything is laid out.  There are daily drills, which I think is very important.  Repetition is a great tool.  There is a need to buy the workbooks each year, but the texts are reusable.  I like this math so much.  I’m willing to buy the workbooks each year.

I had bought Apoligia Science during the summer and we never used it.  We are all eager to start the Astronomy book.  I love that this is multi-level.  We are not buying the notebooks, so it’s also non-consumable.  We will just use a composition book, and make our own.

Geography will be light, but we’re going to start the Expedition Earth from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  I chose World Geography so that we can pick out countries that are directly in-line with what we’ll be learning in History.  This covers most grades.  It’s consumable.  I will need to print activity pages for each child.

Mystery of History Volume One will be coming our way soon.  I’m beyond thrilled to start this.  It goes chronologically mixing Biblical and secular history.  I can’t tell you how great this is to me.  Talk about relieving the confusion between these two, and showing the relationship of them.  This is also multi-level and non-consumable, K-12.  There are four volumes in all.  From creation to the capture and death of Bin Laden.

Spelling Power is also a K-12 Spelling book, non-consumable.  I plan on getting that as soon as the budget allows.  There are worksheet to print occasionally.

What are your favorite curriculum picks for multi-level teaching?  Have you tried any of the mentioned picks?  What did you like or not like about them?

Pass the coffee and chocolate.  I’m a full-time teacher again.