15 goals for 2015

I always have goals lists going on, but at the beginning of each year I like to plan out what I think to be the most important goals to aim for.  Do you do that too?  Link your goals in the comments section and share.  Happy New Year everyone!

Here’s a video about each of my goals if you would like to hear them explained:



Goals for 2015

1. 2 YouTube Videos a week

2. Weekly blog posts (here)

3. Keep up my cleaning routine

4. downsize ans organize the house

5. Run another 5k

6. Stay Gluten Free 80% at least

7. More homeschool fun!

8. Get serious about guitar lessons

9. Read at least 20 books this year

10. Bible Studies

11. Get back in the garden

12. Have kid dates

13. Finish Josie’s quilt

14. Keep up my Thankful Journal

15. Submit to God’s will day by day


resolutions you won’t break

People like I set resolutions this time if year. Last year Mine was to buy more active wear and be inactive in it.  I’m serious, and I did that.  But then I broke my goal and took up running.  Do you sense a theory here?  I set a goal I knew I could reach, and then I realized I’m made of more than that.  What I love I must do.  I need goals to reach, and setting real goals is important to me this year; more than any other year.

We should all set the goal of moving forward.  Whatever you have dreamed of doing and have never done, why not give it a shot?  When I was a teenager I first believed myself a writer.  I never knew if I was very good or not; all I knew is that every word I wrote needed to be as true and real as I could make it.

I have never stopped writing.  Even after I became a Christian and my writing changed dramatically, it never stopped.  I just love it, and I just need it.  I have to write whether anyone cares, whether or not I’m great at it, whether or not I feel like it.  I must write because I’m a writer.

My resolutions, goals, whatever you want to label them include making some solid plans.  I want something to reach for, even if it feels impossible or too hard.  Dreams are only made true by taking action.

1.  Get Josie’s book published- However this happens, I’m spending this year to focus on this.

2.  Keep blogging- 2-3 times a week is my goal:  Be consistent and have something worthy to say.

3.  Keep writing- about everything

4.  Make homeschooling more fun- patience is usually the key here; along with a sacrificial perspective.

5.  Expand the farm- time to take it up a notch around here

What are your goals?  Write them down and make them real.  Don’t hid your gifts, talents and interests.  God created us the way he did for a reason.  What’s yours? When you’re passionate about it, you won’t give up.

a scary endeavor

I have some knitting goals for the year.  As a housewife who has a seemingly unusual amount of creative energy (and not nearly as much of the cleaning energy), I am venturing out of the hat, scarf, and simple baby sweater type of knitting.  Do you want to know what’s on the list?  Here it is in no particular order:

1) socks– these have scared the tar out of me thus far, but it’s time to grab some itty-bitty needles and cast on.

2) mittens– like socks, but a little less intimidating.

3) Nick knits–  I’ve only made the guy 1 hat, which was recently given away for a good cause.  He needs some yarn love.

4) A shawl– a lacy shawl…for me.

5) A Zimmerman– I have no particular one in mind.  I just know that if an artist had a chance to paint with Monet, he would.  Such would a knitter with a Zimmerman pattern.  It’s like a right of passage in my eyes.  More about Elizabeth Zimmerman can be found here.

6) Colorwork– Fair Isle needs a chance on my needles.

So that’s that.  I’m expecting this post will keep me accountable to these goals.  Just so you don’t think I’m a complete whack, let me just say that many of these goals will be combined in one project.  In example: A pair of fair isle mittens using a EZ pattern for…Nick?  Well, maybe not for Nick.  He’s not a mitten kinda guy.  He’s rarely a glove guy as far as hands are concerned.  Ha!

Happy knitting all!  Please join in if you so wish.  Leave your updates and blog links in the comments box.