tiny garden

We are easing back into developing our garden and farm again.  The exhaustion and business of life led us away.  I have allowed myself to maintain a small garden.  I say allowed because I want more.  It isn’t what I imagine as being great, but sometimes you have to get real with yourself about what you can pull off.

This is our small garden.

Planted late.

Planted hurriedly.


Last year we had no garden and I see this as a huge improvement.  Strawberries, onions, cucumber, zucchini, sunflowers, pinto beans, watermelon, cantaloupe, peppers, potatoes are all coming up and doing well.

I can’t ask for more than that.  Every year no matter how much I know it will happen, I always feel surprised and in awe by what can come from such a tiny seed.

A tiny garden baring the fruits it ought to is a wonderful thing.

Have you planted a garden friend?  What is your favorite part of watching your garden grow?


Finding beauty

It is easy when one blogs, to portray a perfect life that consists of only happiness and fun. It has never been my intention to do that here. We are a real family, though many of you don’t know us personally, I assure you that we are. I believe that my children are wonderful, but I can’t pretend they are perfect.

They fight, steal, lie, disrespect,and even as I type this I am correcting them for ugly things they are saying to each other. This is life. Real life. Our lives have changed greatly over this last year on the farm. We all have more physical work. This sometimes, or perhaps often, leads to crankiness in us all.

Through the added responsibilities we are also learning many lessons on on the importance of grace and forgiveness. Towards each other and from God towards us, we are experiencing grace and forgiveness. In the middle of all the work and family and ministry we do each week, I just try to keep my eyes open for moments of beauty and happiness.

These are the things that make it here. Sweet memories of children, little projects completed, reflections of what God has illuminated to me (most times these are obvious to everyone but me…slow learner), and tips we’ve learned along the way.

Where do you find beauty? Maybe while weeding your garden (figuratively or literally) as I did today. Weeding is necessary in both cases. Might as well enjoy the flowers.


the big catch up

Hi.  Did you miss me?  I missed you.  I feel like I’ve been gone for weeks.  We’ve had too much excitement here.  And by excitement I mean VBS, Strep throat and stomach bugs the week we’re packing up for the big California trip.   I owe it to you and to myself to do a little catching up.  I feel out-of-sorts when I neglect you and my needles.  They’re the first things to go, and the first to return at the end of a chaotic cycle.  This is the most exciting thing that’s come out of my kitchen n the last two weeks.  Blueberry pie.  Thank you self you freezing the leftover crust when you made pie a couple of months ago.  Otherwise, there would be no picture to follow.

I am so pleased with the garden this season.  We are finally stating to see the fruits (and vegetables) of our labors.  I love to go outside and admire the miracles a little added water produces.

I can’t wait for more of this soon.  So, what’s new in your life?

four and fabulous

Sunday a little someone turned four.  She enjoyed her woodland garden party, and her friends and family.  Miss Olivia is a girly girl.  She cracks me up with her sweet little smiles as people sing to her.  It’s like she’s receiving a Grammy.  She puts on the face, pretending she’s shy, sweetly thanking everyone for showing up to her party.  What a silly little nut.  I love her.  The Decor can be found at Bird’s Party.  The toadstool tutorials were found here.  It was lovely and fun.  In lieu of party bags everyone got to plant and take home a flower for their own gardens.

And who could resist checking out the chicks at the party?

What a wonderful day to turn four.