crazy thoughts: why I want to be a vagabond and roadschool

Yesterday was my day off.  I had big plans of cleaning and catching up on things around the house.  Instead I spent most of my free time looking at tiny houses and fifth wheels.  Something about our western life seems to feel like a burden to me.

I know I’m thinking crazy vagabond thoughts, but wouldn’t it be so freeing to not spend all time and money pouring into housing and mundane life? What if all the traveling I’ve longed to do , and places that would be so enriching for the kids were a reality?

Yesterday I allowed myself to DREAM…

I do this often.  Just daydream.

What if we roadschooled?  Lived for months at a time in a camper?

Is someone poisoning my food and making me think all these crazy things? I’m sure my husband thinks that’s where all this is coming from.

I realize this.

But, truly, it’s a need to free myself from burden.  Think about it…we spend our whole lives working our hands just so we can pay for a house.  What if that money was spent on life experiences?  Traveling the country…the WORLD!  We could know things about life and God we could never know without taking a leap.

Could we be free to go wherever we wanted?  What would that look like?

I imagine all the people we could meet and help and encourage.  I imagine our family relying and trusting and just being with each other.  How close would we become?  How would that shape our character?  How many opportunities would we have to fully rely on God and trust Him?

I want to place myself in an uncomfortable position.  I want our family to LIVE, to EXPERIENCE, to LEARN, to TRUST, to DREAM.

I’m half way across the world already.

Can you just pretend with me for a minute?

I know it’s a long-shot.  I am dreaming anyways.  Let me be…FREE for a moment.

What sorts of crazy thoughts do you have?  If you could do or be anything, what would it be?  What/who stops you from doing it?

What does your FREE look like?


all American

I’d like to start out by saying, “Happy Fourth of July!” I was thinking so much about what that means.  Have you?  I always feel more patriotic around this time of year.  Every year I feel like a hypocrite because of it.  It’s not as though I am never mindful of the great appreciation I have because I live in America.  It’s not that I never think about lives that are lost fighting for my freedom and comfort.  I almost can’t tell you why I feel like a hypocrite.  It’s some reason between I have to teach my kids about the meaning of Fourth of July instead of them just knowing due to constant talk and thankfulness for this country, and the fact that my generation– despite the real war going on– seem to have a disconnect and rebellion buried deep within.  A sort of “me” focus instead of a faithfulness to country.  A “you owe it to me” attitude.

As a child I was taught the history of America.  It always seemed so far in the past that I could never fully relate to the emotional connection known as patriotism.  I assume that to some point the reason for this is because war has changed so much.  It’s smarter and voluntary.  Distant.  It goes on in places I’ve never seen.  And I’ve always been comfortable.  Never awakened by bombs and panic.  Never suppressed in a way that forced my family to run or move.  As an adult I understand it better now.  I can imagine it because of books, news, and movies.

My point is that I am grateful for my freedoms, not happy about the ones that seem to be changing, and I understand the sacrifices made not only at the foundations of The United States of America, but now.  I know people fighting for my freedoms over seas.  I pray for them and their families.  I understand why the forming of this country was necessary.  It’s not uncommon.  Religious freedom.  For that I am thankful.  More thankful than for any other “right” I have.

I decided to post links to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.  I haven’t even looked at them since high school.  I urge you to read these words and think about what these men faced as they traveled across the sea, fleeing religious suppression and a controlling government.  Maybe it was the language or hand penned words playing on my heart-strings or just imagining life at this time.  I felt a connection.  Patriotism.  I also know it’s worth protecting what was fought for and established so long ago.