baking and meal plan

According to my weekly mama chore schedule, I am supposed to be doing my weekly baking (bread, sauces, granola, cookies, mixes-powder, ect) and meal planning today.

Since I skipped this chore last week I have no plan for what I should bake.  So, I’m not baking or doing any other meal-prep for the week today.

I am sort of meal planning and getting a list together though.  Doing this reminded me that I need to share something with you. Once a Month Mom.  Read it, do it, or you will get into the same rut I have been ever since I stopped.  I have done this one time, and really wish I would stop thinking of reasons not to do it again.

We followed the Gluten Free (for my food allergies)/ Dairy Free (for Desmond’s allergies) Menu.  The rest of us love and enjoy dairy, so I divided things up for Des and added our own goats milk where the recipes allowed.

I admit it was a LONG day.  However; every other day was so nice.  I used all the lunches as dinners, and had a total of 22 dinners frozen and DONE!  They were all very yummy.  The kid’s didn’t like the stuffed bell peppers, but I figured they wouldn’t anyways.

Next month I need to do this.  Maybe you could join me and I document my journey, and you all can update me of your progress in the comments section.  What do you say?  Are you in?

February…the month of no more fretting over, “What’s for Dinner?”

*UPDATE* I didn’t realize earlier that they have changed the most recent plans to a “paid members only” access.  I will be using the older FREE menu plans.