homeschool favorites of 2014

Some of the following favorites are curriculum, some are resources.  Keep in mind I love switching things up.  I have loved different things at different times, for different reasons.  As I made thins list I only put things on that I have loved the WHOLE year.  What are some of your homeschool favorites?

1.  Apologia Science– I have only used the younger series.

2.  Who is God?– We just started this Bible study this year.  I love it so much!  Even my preschooler likes to listen in.

3. Sue Patrick’s Workbox System– Do I ever shut up about this?  No.  I won’t until everyone I know gives it a go.  AMAZING!!

4.  Composition Journals– We never buy the supplementary notebooks that go with our science and Bible.  We use comp.   books!  We also use them for spelling (instead of have a bunch of loose paper), Math (same reason), and as writing  journals for the older kids.

5.  Spelling Power– Have not regretting this K-12 spelling curriculum one moment.

6.  Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons– great for pre-K-2nd grade.

7.  Teaching Textbooks Math– I don’t think I can ever not have this in my life.  It grades, teaches, and is fun all-in-one!

8.  Purple Cow Laminater– I got this at Costco a few years ago for $20!  I love having a way to reuse printables I find  online.  No homeschool should be without one.

9.  Teachers Pay Teachers– My favorite resource for said printables.  There are endless FREE printables.

10.  iPoint evolution– I budgeted this into our school year.  I really wanted a METAL sharpener that could attach to the  wall, but this one was on sale at the beginning of the school year for $15.  I am actually glad to have this electric one so  the younger kids can use it without needing help.

11.  Confessions of a Homeschooler– This is a site I go to time after time.  She has wonderful printables and inspiration.

12.  Calendar Notebooks– This I have for pre-K through 6th grade.  My favorite FREE Calendar!  There are different  options for different grade levels.

13.  1Plus1Plus1Equals1– An awesome resource for montessori learning.  I love her sight words section most.

14.  You Can Read– FREE sight words lessons from the above site.  I love, love, love it!

15.  Local Library- THE best thing ever.  Free, fun, and a great place to meet other families.  Some of my closest friends  have been through storytime at the library.

I hope you found this helpful.  Please don’t forget to mention your favorites in the comments.


I’m about to blog about something silly, so beware.

I’ve had a realization today that things don’t last forever.  I wish somethings did.  Included are my favorite pair of socks.  There, I said it.  Welcome to the memorial for my socks.  I love them.

Purchased for $2.99 at The Gap in 2004, they came into my life at a critical time.  I was just weeks way from delivering our second child Andre, and just one day away from saying a four-year goodbye to my brother and sister-in-law along with my two (and only at the time) nephews.  The purchase made that October day was, unbeknownst to me, one of the few items of clothing I would ever have such sentimental feelings toward.  Possibly the only.  I love them.

They were there with me for the last four child births, for the very few runs I have done in the last 6 years, and always– without fail– the first pair of socks on my feet when the seasons have changed.  Mostly, they have been a snuggle for my toes for 6 years. Six. Years.  Worn just as soon as they are cleaned, they fit perfectly.  So perfect, in fact, that mending them would make them too small.  I love them

They aren’t the prettiest, the fanciest (though they did used to have white puffy balls on the heel of them), or the warmest socks I own.  They are simply the best.  Never shifting annoyingly throughout the day or twisting off at night.  Faithfully, they have stayed just exactly how I put them on.  Every time.  I lovvve them.

I’ve been wearing them all day.  My heels have been cold all day.  I have wondered if I should keep them in a baby book… all day.  I am ridiculous.  They are so