chore/allowance system that will blow your mind!!!

I’ve done my share of printing and laminating chore charts.  Some have worked better and longer than others.  All have failed at some point or another.  Nick and I decided we wanted to work on cleaning as a family instead of having everyone assigned different areas/tasks.  We came up with something that blew our own minds.  I’m so excited to share this with you!

First, a word on our chore philosophy.  We don’t require much.  We want them to learn to be responsible and accountable, but we are not slave-drivers AT ALL.  Secondly, we have never had set allowances.  Occasionally, we’ve paid various willing children to help us with big tasks- all voluntary.  We expect everyone to do something to help around here.  They are part of a family.  Families work together.

About allowance.  I’ve never liked the idea of trying to come up with a payment plan.  Who gets what?  When? How often? Seems like just more info I’ll forget or flake out on.  It also made me nervous about strife, competition and fighting among the kids.

Here’s what we came up with.  I’m still wondering how this idea came to our heads!  Thank you Jesus!

Click here for our PDF.  family contributions chart PDF  Follow this video link for the “normal” household chart.


ut ohh…someone got a laminator

I must say I am enjoying all the organization that comes with it.  Also, it’s a great tool for homeschooling.

For the kids I have laminated printable learning games and flash cards, signs, and chore charts– which I cross off and wipe clean as needed.

There is almost no more wasted paper around here.  My compulsive list-making is easily wiped cleaned and ready for the next week.  I absolutely love it for meal plans and chores.

I plan on finding several more uses for laminating.  Husband was recently heard saying, “Okay, now you’re just laminating to laminate.”

I have no defense for this statement, except the one he had made the day before, “Every self-respecting home school needs a laminator.”

And if I have one should I not use it to it’s fullest potential?  I think I should, and I shall.

We have the Purple Cow Hot & Cold Laminator which we purchased at Costco Wholesale for $20.00.  It came with 100 sleeves in three sizes.

Do you have a laminator?  Do consider it.

*Chore charts and lists are from Organizing Life as Mom*