free family camping

About a month ago, while my mom was visiting, Nick built a fire pit.  If you have a fire pit, then surely you must roast marshmallows and sleep in the camper right?  The kids enjoyed some good daddy time in this fashion, while mom and I retreated inside for plenty of late night talking.

(Here I would like to say the for all you unbelievers out there…the laundry fairy is real, I assure you.  Thanks mommy!)

Since then, Nick and the kids have slept in the camper a few more times.

We did this in our own yard.  I mean, 20 acres?  Why pack up and travel and cook by flashlight?  Well, mostly we have just been too busy to get away.  This idea Nick came up with was a great one.

I admit I didn’t sleep in the camper once.  I stole away inside to read in silence.  It was great for everyone.

What are some of your favorite family fun ideas?

I can’t wait for the birds to fly south.  Living so close to their winter home conservatory of the Sandhill Cranes will call for family walks in our Autumn future.

in the wood and by the lake

We headed to the lake for a two night camping trip.  As with everything in our lives, it takes some planning and work to venture out with our family.

I gleened some wonderful tips and healthy/camp-friendly food ideas from Kitchen Stewardship in the Big Woods e-book.

Foil packet dinners rock!

We are fortunate enough to have gained a pop-up trailer through a trade.  It has 1 queen, 1 full, and 1 twin bed.  It’s just perfect for our family of little ones.  Packing wasn’t a big deal either.  I put together a zip bag for everyone + a hair and a toothpaste/deodorant bag.

In everyone’s bag went their toothbrush, underwear, undershirts, and socks.  In a laundry basket everyone had a pile of clothes.  In yet another basket went shoes, jackets, hat, gloves.

It is always a bit of work to go somewhere with our family, but it’s also much-needed.

I found a cute idea for scavenger hunt bags (Pinterestaholic? Yes…) and the kids did this while we packed up camp on the last day.

I really enjoy watching the kids be free to roam about in nature.  The lakeside camping spot was an added bonus.  A borrowed aluminium fishing boat made for a busy dad…making multiple trips around the lake.

*Note to self*

Only foil packet dinners are coming next time.  More marshmallows.  No pancakes…they take too long and make too much mess.

Also, try more campfire cooking.  Less being isolated in the trailer.

Take more pictures.

Sit by the fire with husband after the kids go to sleep and enjoy the quiet nature.

What are your camping tips?  I think just the hubby and I will be heading out in a couple months.  Suggestions?