31 days to clean: make a schedule

I’m  putzing along the 31 Days to Clean Challenge.   Today is the “Make a plan” challenge.  I have made some in the past, but now it’s time to get back to a steadt rythm again.  It seems that the slightest thing can throw us off.   So here’s what we’ve been doing, and need to stick to.

House Schedule

7:00                 Wake/Devo

8:00                 Breakfast

8:30                 Morning Chores

9:30                 Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance 

9:35                 Language Arts

10:15               History

10:45               Snack/Recess

11:00               Mathematics

11:45               Science

12:15               Lunch

12:45               Art/Music/Crafts

1:30                 Quiet/Reading time

3:30                 Play outside

4:30                 Afternoon chores

5:00                 Help make dinner

6:30                 Get ready for bed/baths

7:10                 Evening Reading

7:40                 Bible Devo

8:00                 Bedtime

31 days to clean…progress is good

I can barely understand why it’s working, but it is.  I am loving the spring cleaning challenges and the spiritual applications connected with the Homemaker’s Challenge.  What an encouragement and a blessing.  As a secondary perk my house is becoming cleaner by the day.  Happy weekend to you all.

If you have taken the challenge yet, do!  Don’t feel pressure about “catching up”, simply pick up where we’re at.  Head over to Joyful Mothering for some reflections about the challenge.

31 days to clean

I recently ran across a blog that was participating in “31 Days to Clean”.  I read up on it at Joyful Mothering.  I just downloaded the book, but I am making up my own rules too.  I’m just committing to clean an area a day.  I figure I can get the house pretty and sparkling in a month.  Nick has been a huge help in this area.  We deep cleaned our room (which is a serious accomplishment), and did lots of yard work, Nick also cleaned up the living room.  Each room gets emptied of clutter and excess.  We will be having a yard sale at the end of this endeavor.

Part of my own rules is keeping the spic-n-span maintained.  It’s great to take back control.  It’s a concerted and deliberate approach to order.  There is a challenge everyday, so be sure to click the link in the side bar to catch up and join in.  If I can do it, you can to.  Let the Spring cleaning begin!