favorite recipes of the month (December)

It’s no secret that I love Pinterest.  I pin like my life depends on it.  You can follow me by clicking this link.  Every week I look through my pins and pick new recipes to try.  I’m adventurous that way.  Here are our favorite new recipes we’ve been enjoying lately.  None of them were fail.  If you missed my last linked list you can find it here.  I will state that I usually have to triple recipes for our size family.  I made more in each one listed.

Broccoli Pesto Bake

General Tsao’s Chicken

Chicken Terriaki

Cheeseburger Soup

Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Soup

I hope you enjoy these meals as much I we have.  The kids loved the first so much, I made it three times in one month!  What are you favorite finds on Pinterest?  Please share below!

recipe links and reviews

Last month I planned all of our June meals.  We are in the middle of the month right now.  What better time to give the links and reviews for new recipes we’ve tried out.  I’d like to do this once a month for you.  It’s nice to have someone (me) be the test rat so you don’t have to worry about whether that beautiful Pinterest meal tastes good.

For starters, I’d like to say that our family isn’t too picky.  Josie is the pickiest of all, but does that surprise you?  Not me.  Lol.  I printed a monthly planner from Money Saving Mom.  What I like about this is that is has breakfast lunch and dinner areas.

Now for the recipes.  I looked on Pinterest at meals I’ve been wanting to make.  Some were crock pot, some quick, and some regular or more in-depth.  These are my picks and what I thought of them.

Korean Beef (Quick meal)

Everybody really loved this one.  You can make it spicier or sweeter by adding more chili sauce or sugar.  The only thing I didn’t like was the lack of veggies.  Next time I think I’ll add snow peas or broccoli.  Maybe both :)

Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches

These were A-Maz-Ing!  For reals!! I had a strange craving for french dip sammies for weeks.  This hit the spot!  I made double and we ate it later that week as well.  I couldn’t find french onion soup, so I used the dry soup mix.  It was AWESOME!!!!  It was also extremely easy.  I took about 5 minutes to put in the crock pot.  I’m salivating just thinking about this.

Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake

I wanted to liven up our breakfast menu this month.  This was soooo great.  I made a double batch and put it in a 9×12 pan.  It worked great.  Imagine a slice of a muffin/scone hybrid.  Yeah.  It was yummy, yummy.

That’s all I have for now, but come back soon for my end of the month list.  I can’t wait to share with you the other delicious dishes we’ve been gobbling up.

Have you tried a new recipe recently?  Please share a link or recipe in the comments below.  I LOVE comments!!!

Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest to see what else I’ve been pinning.



pumpkins, pumpkins

We grew pumpkin pie pumpkins this year.  Lots of them.  I guess I got carried away.  When I plant little seeds into the ground, I don’t expect them to all survive.  They did this year.  I pureed four gallons and froze it.  Then I sold some.  I still have twenty-two!

I have many pumpkin recipes pinned here.  Last Saturday, I made some pumpkin waffles.  Basically, just add pumpkin purée to your favorite waffle mix/recipe.


I love waffles.  Much more than pancakes.  Not as much as Leslie Knoppe does.

apple butter


There are so many apple butter recipes out there, that it’s nearly pointless to tell you another. I will, however share with you my method.
First, I fill a crock pot of sliced, cored apples.IMG_0894

I cook this on high for around 6 hours. Lunch time is a goo time to start this.

Once they’re nice and soft, I drain the water out, and peel the skins off. You can skip the skinning part if you cored and peeled with a fancy “apple corer peeler”. If you have an extra one of those, send it to me :)

This is when I add sugar, spices ect.

Cook over night on the “low” setting. It will get dark brown.

In the AM, take the lid off. Stir. Turn on “high” for a couple of hours, or until thick.

While this is cooking, I throw my jars and lids in the dishwasher to sanitize them. By the time the apple butter’s done, the jars are clean and hot.

Scoop butter into jar, wipe rim clean, put on the lid and band. Repeat until all apple butter is gone. The bits of leftovers go straight into my mouth. If you have self-control, put them in the frig for immediate use.


What to do with apple butter: use as jelly, pour over vanilla ice cream, use as a fruit dip, add to oatmeal cookie, put on oatmeal. What are some of the ways you use apple butter?




Today, I have worked on the apples we picked from Annie’s Apple Orchard.  We have no less that 25 pounds of them.   Some of my favorite recipes for apples are apple cake, apple pie, and apple butter.

First up, apple pie.  No I didn’t feel like making a top crust so I just covered it the whole time with foil.  I’m such a cheater, I know.

The recipe come from a very old cookbook I picked up at a garage sale called The American Women’s Cookbook.  I really love using this cookbook.  I have already posted our favorite apple pie and crust recipes here.  Please enjoy them.

What are you favorite apple recipes?  Leave a link in the comments to share with everyone.

baking and meal plan

According to my weekly mama chore schedule, I am supposed to be doing my weekly baking (bread, sauces, granola, cookies, mixes-powder, ect) and meal planning today.

Since I skipped this chore last week I have no plan for what I should bake.  So, I’m not baking or doing any other meal-prep for the week today.

I am sort of meal planning and getting a list together though.  Doing this reminded me that I need to share something with you. Once a Month Mom.  Read it, do it, or you will get into the same rut I have been ever since I stopped.  I have done this one time, and really wish I would stop thinking of reasons not to do it again.

We followed the Gluten Free (for my food allergies)/ Dairy Free (for Desmond’s allergies) Menu.  The rest of us love and enjoy dairy, so I divided things up for Des and added our own goats milk where the recipes allowed.

I admit it was a LONG day.  However; every other day was so nice.  I used all the lunches as dinners, and had a total of 22 dinners frozen and DONE!  They were all very yummy.  The kid’s didn’t like the stuffed bell peppers, but I figured they wouldn’t anyways.

Next month I need to do this.  Maybe you could join me and I document my journey, and you all can update me of your progress in the comments section.  What do you say?  Are you in?

February…the month of no more fretting over, “What’s for Dinner?”

*UPDATE* I didn’t realize earlier that they have changed the most recent plans to a “paid members only” access.  I will be using the older FREE menu plans.  

fun with cheese making

Over the last week we have done lots of milking and a little cheese making too.

I’ve made three batches of Ricotta and one batch of Mozzarella.  I don’t mind an abundance of raw goats milk one bit.

What’s been coming out of your kitchen lately?

P.S. Isabel took the last picture, and I have no idea why I’m looking longingly at the Mozzarella.  Sheesh.