kitchen treasures

When I was young, I remember spending time baking and cooking with my mom in the kitchen.  ‘mI sure I was a big “help”.  I remember carrots being shredding for carrot cake, and banana bread coming out of the oven.  I really enjoyed those moment in the kitchen.  It’s one of the few times I know I liked doing dishes…side by side with mom.  As, the years passed mom was in our kitchen less and less.  So many things happen in life that change the rhythm of the home, so I certainly can’t hold it against her.  Still, I treasure those time together.

I am reminded as my little ones at foot constantly, not to shoo them out of the kitchen all the time.  Cooking and baking is something I view as an escape, but I must make it a place for memories as well.  I do try.  When all the hands are in the pot (or in the flour as it were) I tend to end the cooking with mom session quickly.  I really need to have more patience with them.  I want them to have warm pictures in their minds just as I do.  After all, I’m no stranger to eat baking cocoa behind mom’s back.  That one tends to backfire :)

I have spent the last couple of days organizing my recipes.  During the process I came across some childhood favorites hand-written by my mom.  Some are older than I am.  This makes them vintage, thus doubly loved.  I am so thankful to be able to pass these on to my own kids.  I also am thankful I finally wrote them down for myself as I’m sure mom is wondering what happened to them…Oops.  Sorry mama.  I’ll be sure to get them back soon :)

What kitchen memories do you treasure?

Recipe cards and dividers found here.

vintage kitchen

I have accquirred and borrowed a few more vintage kitchen items this month.  A neighbor who was moving gave me this.

Her mother used it.  I love knowing this mama made her four children yummy food using this beautiful hand-powered kitchen appliance.  I am sad to see them go though.  My loving neighbor was raised that home from the time she was two years old.  I shall think of them everytime I make scalloped potatoes.  Which I made twice last week :)

I also borrowed mom-in-law’s juicer.  It was her grandmother’s!  It worked great, but it wasn’t fun to clean.