Tuesday Tidbits: clean easier

Apparent there’s nothing like the Magic Eraser.  Honestly, I have not tried this yet.  My house cleaning husband and sister-in-law proclaim its wonder.  Used on your shower or bathtub, it takes off soap scum with ease. 

Also, a cleaner called Grease Lighting (which is a no-fume, non-toxic cleaner)  does wonders on that yucky grease that gunks up the stove top. 

I always have an old toothbrush on hand to get to those tricky places as well.

Here’s a thought, and my new idea for staying caught up.  Pick one room/drawer/task each day.  Instead of the overwhelming “I need to clean the house” , wouldn’t be nicer to say, ” Today I’m putting away the clothes”  One task on the to-do list.  If your feeling energetic pick another.  You’ll still have time to spend with your little ones, but you’ll feel like your accomplishing something too.

And of corse my favorite thing for the flu and cold season…disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer.  I buy the off-brands of both.  The flu just swept though our house this week.  It was nice to be able to tell the kids to get some hand sanitizer and know that they could handle it on their own.  Kids aren’t the best at hand washing, but the sanitizer makes it fool-proof.  Not that I’m calling my kids fools…their not.  Quite smart if you ask me.

Tuesday Tidbits: go sweet

Today’s tidbit is brought to you by Josie, who just this morning woke with a fussy attitude.  I really could not figure out what was wrong until after breakfast.  She was constipated…too much detail?  Sorry.  I was already thinking about what I would share with you when this was discovered.  I decided that all you moms out there would appreciate some practical tip for this little problem.

I very good friend of mine told me that when her dad was in medical school they were told to give a tsp of light corn syrup for constipation.  This works for infantsof any age all the way to adults.  So, there you go.  It’s hard to believe in a world where there’s a pill for everything, doctors were once giving out natural remedies. 

In case you’re wondering, 30 minutes after administration she free!  I hope you try this it work s great!  Also, it’s not difficult to get a baby to eat such a sweet “medicine” either.  What’s your favorite natural remedy for the things that ail you?

Don’t forget…tomorrow’s the BIG DAY!  Check out the Etsy store manana.

Tuesday Tidbit: let them be

 My only Tidbit is to celebrate each child you  have for what they are.  Don’t try to put them in a box based on previous children or what your standards are.  Every child is different because God made them that way.  They think differently, behave differently and see the world differently.  This is a lesson I am learning more and more as my kids get older.  I love how creative each of my children are, in such diverse ways. 

Isa is a thinker.  Always questioning the ways of the world.  Sometimes this can get her in trouble.  I always have to remember that she just thinks that way.  It would do her no good if I just told her, “because I said”  all the time.  She truly has a desire for the real reasons and the truth in everything.

sept 09 218

Andre is mechanical.  I have to catch myself from getting upset with him as he takes apart the fourth flashlight of the month and looses some parts.  If I let him explore he will some day be able to fix things instead of disassemble them.  If I don’t allow him the freedom to discover, he will become discouraged and suppress a curiosity and gift that has been given to him by God.

sept 09 061

Olivia…what can I say?  She has got to be into the most trouble of any of the children.  It’s not as though she is having a mean or naughty spirit when she rubs lotion all over her doll, or washes her hair will hand sanitizer, or grates butter on the cheese grater.  This kid want to be a mama.  Always imitating what she sees in her own interpretation.  I could discipline her for every small thing she does, but what good would it do?  Create a tension, discourage what will some day be helpful acts ( like when she trys to empty her little potty into the big potty).  I see that given a little more coordination she’s well on her way to taking care of herself.  Independence.

sept 09 048

Josie we are still trying to fully predict.  I know for sure she’s got a fire in her that is really and truly unstoppable.  When she wants something…watch out.  Should I discipline that out of her?  Certainly not.  Every house has boundaries, but if I try to change what God has created it will not have a good end.  She’s going to need that fire for her life ahead.  My only job is to mold and direct, not to break or discourage. 

sept 09 097

So, pray over and about your children.  Take this ministry of raising them seriously.  Think about what it means to raise a child in a Godly fashion.  Does God strike us with evey wrong move we make, or does he gently and lovingly exort us?  Love them above all. Respect them as people.  Guide them as children of God, precious in his sight.