autumn, finally

IMG_1013 IMG_1014 IMG_1015 IMG_1017 IMG_1019 IMG_1020 I know some of you may have already experienced the first blanket of snow, or a night around the fire.  We haven’t.  The first storm is rolling in today, so we have officially started the season.  Autumn is my most favorite season.  I love the colored and the changes in the wind.  I love how it brings everyone in.  Cozy blankets, hot drinks, plenty of reading and movies.  It’s the only season I really get into baking.  Soup is very common.  I just love Autumn.  Don’t you? Autumn is when our goats get bred.  I can’t wait for fresh milk again.  Our turkeys will soon be processed and frozen.  Last year’s turkey is in the frig defrosting. The garden is cleared and needing tending for the fall planting.  The jackets and coats are coming out.  The dresses and shorts are set aside.  The nights are longer, the days shorter.  The hens aren’t laying so much.  Things are getting quiet around the farm.


more baby goats


Poke A Dot had her babies yesterday AM. I stayed home from church because she was acting panicky. Isabel stayed too. She helped dry off these little boys while I helped mama. These were big boys, and mama had a rough time with the first one.

Things are pretty cute and exciting around here.

A few more weeks and we’ll be enjoying some goats milk. For now those little guys need all they can get.

Oh my. Our herd went from two to seven in two days!