soap nuts even cheaper

The other day I was searching for other ways to use soap nuts.  We have been using them for our laundry for some time now, but I knew they could be used in other ways as well.  I came across a genius idea.  Which is still laundry-related :)  I’ll explore other uses soon enough.

Check out this original post on how to make a liquid soap using soap nuts.

I followed the laundry soap directions…mostly.

I boiled 12 nuts instead of 8.  After I boiled the 8 nuts in the 8 cups.  I then boiled the same nuts in 4 more cups. By doing this I made 12 soap nuts into 12 cups of liquid soap.  I use 2 tablespoons per load.

The original directions for using soap nuts in laundry is to put 8 nuts in a bag to toss into the laundry.  I usuallly reuse the bag 5 or so times.

Making the liquid has a two-fold benefit.

1.  12 cups will last at least a month but I’m thinking two (instead of 5-7 loads)  which makes this super cheap laundry soap even cheaper!

2.  The liquid soap provides an equally strong amount of washing quality vs. each load having less and less soap in it.

So there it is.  The absolutely least expensive laundry detergent ever.  The fact that it’s completely organic makes soap nuts a perfect fit for this frugal family.

laundry help: how to cut down

Today I’m going to share our secret to cutting down on our in HALF!  First, I’ll tell you what we were doing which I’m sure helped, but I didn’t notice a huge difference.

-PJ’s worn twice

-bottoms and tops worn until they look/smell dirty

This seemed like a good idea, but it was left up to the kids to decide if it looked or smelled dirty.  I didn’t really check up on it much.  I also didn’t notice a big change.

So, that was our attempt at laundry reduction.  I was still being taken out by the laundry monster weekly.  In the last year said monster has only been slain 3 times.  By slain I mean ALL laundry washed, fold and put away at once…no piles here or there, no baskets lined up against the wall ect.

Three weeks ago this all changed when Prince Charming came up with an idea.  I was hesitant at first.  I didn’t want to. I didn’t think it would work.  I tried anyways.

Here’s what we do now.

-wear same PJs all week

-have a set of play clothes (work clothes for adults) that is worn for the whole week- this doesn’t include undergarments and socks :)

Adults go through 2 shirts but same bottoms

-when we go out (store, church, visits) we change into “nice clothes”.  Upon getting home it’s straight back into play/work clothes and put away nice clothes right away.

This system of play clothes/nice clothes has literally cut our laundry in half.  We went from 10-12 loads a week to 5-6 loads!

Things to know:

-your kids shirts will look dirty, but not when anyone but you can see

-you won’t be uptight about them playing and getting their clothes messed up

-you will have to do this too if you want cooperation from them

-you can switch up your nice clothes so you aren’t wearing the same outfit all week as long as you hand it up ect.

-even if your kids are in school this will work in a different version decided by you (ie. you can save the weeks school clothes to use again, and have them change into play clothes when they get home)

-you’ll save money on soap, water, and energy

-you’ll be able to do all your washing and folding in one day instead of being a garment slave

-the kids rooms will be cleaner because they aren’t throwing clothes everywhere

-you get your time back for more important things, like your family and your hobbies

-you’ll love this after you see the results

Laundry monster…meet your maker!

I still have more tips up my sleeve.  I can’t wait to share more.

P.S. Olivia the fashionista doesn’t like this system, but once she’s in the clothes she is fine the rest of the day.  You may receive resistance.  It’s worth the reward.

laundry tips: how to fold a fitted sheet

Today I was folding sheets, when I decided enough is enough.  I’m gonna fold this stinkin’ fitted sheet perfectly.  A peek at a You-Tube video sealed the deal.  Take that you awkward, puffy sheet.

Why didn’t I figure this out years ago?

I am a little ashamed that a man taught me though.

In our family we accumilate lots of clothes, makes numerous spills, and try to save money by having re-usables such as napkins, handkerchiefs, hand towels, and diapers.  Laundry has been my arch nemesis for so long.  Over the last few weeks we as a family have introduced new methods and systems into our home and now I’m taking back my life from the dirty laundry monster.

I seriously feel that less than one month ago our house was visited by this laundry monster weekly.  I can’t wait to share more about how Prince Charming saved me from the evil villain that was lurking in the garage.

Stay tuned for more laundry help this week as I share how you too can have a life outside of washing and folding.

I want to hear from you too!  What are some tips you’d like to share? How do you save money or time in the laundry department?  Post or link in the comments.  Let’s face the beast together!