around here

Around here we are busing ourselves with all the preparations that make spring so wonderful.  House projects, garden projects, and looking closer to the arrival of baby goats.

I am so very excited about the babies coming, and in a deep corner of my heart I harbor the knowledge that tragedy could strike.  I am becoming quite obsessed with researching all possibilities, so as to avoid such a sadness.  I truly feel just as excited as if a human was being born into the family.  I am, however, much more nervous as there are no doctors to help in trouble.  I am the help in trouble.  That is a heavy burden, but oddly one I am looking forward to.  Pray friends.  It is only a slight chance of danger, but one I must have my wits for.  In just a few short weeks we will, God-willing, be posting plenty of pictures of cute furry goats. 

Children have been dirtier, as they have been thoroughly enjoying warms days of play out of doors, while adults paint the house and prepare for the season.  I must remind myself continually that this is great for them, however bad it is to the house.

I’m confident that we will plant a garden this year.  So far, that’s all I can promise.  The garden beds are made and filled.  Just a bit more compost for the top, and planting will commence.  I am hopeful, and above all, prayerful for success.

I can hardly describe the changes of humility and knowledge that have occurred within, in nearly a year of living on the farm.  I am in constant reminder of my need to pray.  For strength, wisdom, mercies of all sorts, and thankfulness.  The responsibility to our animals is heavy on me always.  Not in an oppressive way, simply in the fact that they depend on us for so much, like an infant does it’s mother.  Though it’s not a daily demand of overwhelming work, it’s very important work  We must decide the best feed, shelter, grooming, safety for them.  If these are not met properly, it is none but our fault how it affects our animals.

I may have had a notion that this would be easy, because I read a book on it, and it made sense.  I referred above to humility, enter that here.  I am in complete and total understanding that good farmers and good husbandman are bred of education and intelligence.  One really must have so much understanding of everything, from plumbing to medicine to chemistry to mechanics.  We are far from a large farm…we are minute, really.  The fact is we have worlds more to know.  I pleasure in a life of constant growth.  Both spiritually and mentally, I am sure our lessons from the farm will last our lives through.

Around here the excitement, hardships, joy, satisfaction, beauty, growth, and chores are a never-ending swirl of life.

diy mason jar planter

About one week ago I took the plunge and joined Pinterest.  Nick had been telling me about it for a couple of months, and people were linking to my Strip the Square Baby! Knitting pattern, but I resisted.  I glanced at it and thought, “I don’t need another website to follow.”

But, I gave in.  I made a couple of ideas from it already, including this addition to the kitchen.

Nick did the drilling by-the-way.  I made good use of jars I’ve saved but can’t can with, and mason jars that have gotten chipped and are no longer safe for food storage.  The seeds are planted, and I can’t wait until my kitchen is filled with green fragrant herbs in the Autumn and Winter seasons.

If you haven’t joined Pinterest yet, you should.

garden beds

Yard projects are fun.  No?  This weekend our family made some raised garden beds.  I’ll be honest.  It was pretty much Nick and I after this picture what taken.  Even though the wind was out-of-control, it was a good day of hard labor.  No, I didn’t pop out another kid silly.  You know, the kinda work that leaves your muscles sore the next day.  It’s satisfying to work that hard.


Now, as soon as the wind lets up I’ll finish planting the seedlings.  I can’t stop staring at these beauties.  The tutorial for making your own raised flower/garden beds can be found at The Pioneer Women.  I love her.  For so many reasons.  I also love that I was able to fit eighteen 2x6x8 foot boards into our mini van…along with five kids.  That’s an accomplishment.