when it’s quiet

I thought I’d share a few words on silence.  The quiet I’m referring to is the quiet that mysteriously fall upon this place.  My goal is to post 4-5 times per week, but that doesn’t seem to happen much.

The main reason is ministry.  I want to tell you that I don’t mean I blame ministry.  Not in the sense of complaining.  After all, spreading the gospel is on the top 5 important things in my life.  Simply put, ministry gets busy.  The more people God adds to our flock, the more dinners, meetings, counseling, events, friendships, rough patches, ect are adding to our already full life.

I am blessed by the work that is taking place in our town.  People’s lives are changing. Christians are digging deeper into the Truth.  That’s what God can do through willing hearts and faithful people.  These wonderful people have been put under our care.  I’m still trying to figure out why us.  The only answer I can come up with is…because.  Because He said so :)

Why am I sharing this with all of you?  I just want to let you know that even if you don’t hear from me, it doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten you.  All it means is that somewhere in the middle of Women’s Bible Study, a church potluck, and counseling a broken heart…I didn’t get the laundry, dishes, school, or cooking done.  I’m using my usual “blog time” to fulfill some responsibility and maybe even the occasional rest.

I really miss you friend.  I hope we can share all sorts of fun Christmas crafting soon…just as soon as I get some more done.

I worked on headbands last week(8 down, 2 to go), and eye masks.  Next on the list…wallets and car cozies.  And certainly some knitted hats.  How are you doing?





The kids and I are going at the Christmas crafting again.  The kids are busy making these bookmarks, while I’m busy making these.  Both are very quick, fun, and age (anyone who can read and older) and gender neutral.

What have you been crafting for Christmas?

Handmade Christmas

It’s that time of year already!  I hope you’ll join me in making this Christmas a Handmade Christmas.  Whether you enjoy sewing, paper crafts, up-cycling, art, food, or yarn crafts…my fav…you can “join” in.

If you have a blog, write about how you pledge to make this year handmade.  Post a link in the comments box to your Handmade Christmas “pledge”.  Readers will be able to follow you through the season as you blog about your progress and ideas.

If you don’t have a blog ~no worries~ Post your pledge in the comments box.

I will be making everything I give.  Don’t feel pressured to do the same.  Even if you pledge to only make one item, you can join!  It’s just a fun way to inspire each other, save some money, and make someone you care about feel extra special with a handmade gift.

Here’s a hint from my “to make” list…

Who’s with me?