up, up, and away

If you ever find yourself in Tucson, AZ, I highly recommend the Pima Air and Space Museum.  We visited while we were on vacation.  It has so much more than I imagined.

Building after building filled with awesome aircraft, historical memorabilia and amazing people there to tell you all about it.  It’s self guided in the building; however, there are eager teachers waiting for you to ask them questions.

It was in the middle of a heat wave when we went, so we opted out of the outside portion. That includes acres and acres of more military and special aircraft.  If you’ve ever survived summer in the desert you know why we stayed inside :)

I admit I was in history nerd heaven here.  The kids thought everything looked cool and interesting.  Nick and I really enjoyed the learning.  They had an aircraft there that was the same type that dive bombed in WWII. We heard all the details about a particular attack from a retired Air-force officer.

This place was a hit for all ages.  I can’t say enough about it.  If you ever get the chance, you simply must go see it.

We have dreams of traveling with our kids every school break they get. I have a dream of seeing all 50 states and 7 continents before I die.  Where do you like to escape to?  I would love to hear some of your favorite sites to visit in the comments.

Have a beautiful Monday friends!


washed in the blood and the wild west

Saturday was a fun-filled day for us.  It’s so nice to break from the mundane and adventure.  We spent most of the day at a lake with our little church fellowship.

I cannot tell you how special it was to witness the baptism of six teens and tweens would are part of a lovely family (cousins, siblings, ect.).  The public scene made it even more special.

I have seen several baptisms over the last 15 years.  They were all church events.  None was in the middle of a very public place like this one.  I could hear people talking about what was going on.  I saw groups that were loud and rowdy calming down and listening attentively.  It was just so sweet and touching.

We had a fun BBQ with our church group and headed home.

IMG_2420 IMG_2421 IMG_2432 IMG_2434 IMG_2442

We detoured to Tombstone and got a taste of the Wild West.  The reenactment of the shootout at the OK Corral was fun and educational (nerd mom happy).  The kids also got to see some confederate money, old poker game, and a quick tour of the Bird Cage Theater.

We ventured into a paint ball gun range.  We got to choose which pistols we wanted to use.  All were the same types used  in the 1800s.  We were labeled the “Deadly Family” since we all made kill shots.  The younger kids had never shot before, and it had been at least 13 years for me.  I’m happy to say I turned my six rounds into 1 head shot and 5 chest shots.  The guy there said he pitied the person who dared break into our house or complain about my cooking!  Haha.

We had such a fun time as a family.  I do believe we’re dipping our toes into the roadschooling I mentioned ;)  Baby steps.  Baby steps.

IMG_2448 IMG_2453 IMG_2455 IMG_2459 IMG_2460

What do you do to draw close as a family?  What are your favorite memories?

out camping

IMG_2287 IMG_2289 IMG_2291 IMG_2293 IMG_2294 IMG_2304 IMG_2310 IMG_2315 IMG_2319

We headed to the mountains Easter weekend.  It was a needed reset to our busy and work-filled lives.  Unplugging was a marvelous idea, indeed.

Let’s not talk about the all night party bunch.  Then we’ll forget all the good moments that we had.  We might block out the fact that we were all together and enjoying a camp fire and marshmallows.

How do you create memories on a budget?  What are your favorite childhood family times?

I always loved camping and spending the day at the river when I was young.  I haven’t forgotten even one of those trips.  It takes some planning and effort, but I think we are going to make a summer habit of these short weekend adventures.