while away

Nick is on a mission trip this week. We have had snow, mud, art, and crafts to keep us busy here.

It’s so quiet at night, when all the kids are sleeping, and there is no adult conversation going on.

I’ve gotten myself on a cross stitch kick, so you’re going to have to bare with me. My sewing machine isn’t keeping good tension, so no quilt blocks are coming together. Those darn machines are seemingly determined to stop my mental momentum. Does that happen to you?

I do love a new craft to learn, so it’s just as well. I remember watching my own mama cross stitching. I like that I’m enjoying the same thing she enjoys. There’s a special plan for a little flower I finished, which I do believe, a certain girl with a fast-approaching birthday is going to adore.

What is new in your tiny corner of the Earth?





a week of sewing: baby pants

We are all so excited over here have a new baby.  Because this baby is a boy, we are in need of some clothes too.  Once I saw this tutorial and this variation for cloth diapered babies, I went shopping…in the closet.  I used some of Nick’s old work shirts, one of my old shirts, and some thrifted pillow cases.  A little detail to add some interest, and now they’re ready to snuggle a little bundle.

Teaching the kids

I had a couple of extra kids yesterday–my nephews,  ages 10 and 8.  And what do you do with boys that old?  They played a little Xbox, watched a movie, played outside, played board games, flew paper airplanes (scroll down to “world best paper airplanes” for instructions) and than got bored.  I was working on yet another embroidery project when Miles asked if he could do one too.  Why not?  This started a chain of me too’s.  I set them all up with their projects.  one dinosaur, one bird, and an elephant.  They turned out so great that I think I will just have to make something special out of them.

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