red is best

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A birthday weekend was spent doing what mama enjoys so very much…knitting.  I’m officially in my thirties now.  The older I get the less I feel like roughing out the cold; and with a trip to Colorado soon approaching, something needed to be done for the hands.

The pattern is Red is Best, by one of my favorite pattern writers Jane Richmond Designs.  It was a lovely weekend, even though we have been struck with illness here for the third time since the new year.

This means lots of sitting which, most assuredly, lends to more knitting…stay tuned.


a fun partyLiv

We headed north to celebrate a special birthday.  Olivia turned 5.  We got to celebrate with some of our dearest friends.  She was so happy to have her party while on vacation.

Who wouldn’t be?

Do you know what I love about this girl?  Olivia is by far the most cuddly child.  Our Liv is no stranger to telling people what they should wear either.  The girl has fashion sense.  Much more than I.  When all other kids are happily playing outside, she quietly comes in and folds laundry with me.  When she sits in the car next to me she smiles and tells me that she’s going to have lots of kids like me.  She loves washing dishes.  She loves sleeping in our bed.  She already asks when she can dye her hair– no joke.  Our Liv is growing up far too fast.  I’m trying to savor her.  All of who she is.

Happy Birthday Olivia!