what’s on the needles: park fun edition

IMG_3993IMG_3996IMG_4010IMG_4012IMG_4002I admit to being the sort of mama who doesn’t always enjoy going to the park.  I feel like getting ready to watch the kids play is too much effort.  I’d much rather stay in me pj’s and be barefooted while knitting inside and glancing out the window.   The thing about city life id that it’s not all about me, right?  I kids LOVE the park and so I must oblige them as often as possible.  This truly keeps us all sane.  Cabin fever is a frequent ailment these days.

I’m trying to be better.  Better at self-sacrifice, effort when I’m tired, letting them be kids, ignoring the fact that out seven brushes are never to be found, better at calm.  I’m attempting to train into my heart more slow, more thankfulness, more heart swelling moments of pleasure. More enjoyment.

After all there is always something to enjoy.

This day I enjoyed this:

Feeling proud of Josie Bean for all the physical accomplishments she had been though.  I’m proud of her for simply being able to ride her bike.

I feel happy to see the kids playing with friends at the park, and friends who share their super fun Christmas gifts such as hover boards.

I found excitement in watching a bunch of neighborhood kids use their imaginations.

I was surprised and joyful to watch my boys playing basketball with each other when they could’ve played with someone else.  They preferred each other!

I felt relaxed knitting in the warmth of the winter sun this beautiful pattern.  I look forward to wrapping up in this knit so very much.


the good and the beautiful: language arts


Hi!  I didn’t tell you yet, but we will be homeschooling again and forever starting 2017-2018.

No, I will not be quitting my job at the fire station.  Yes, we have help in the form of a Super Nanny Granny.  She is amazing.   So is The Good and the Beautiful Curriculum by Jenny Phillips.

I’m so excited to start using this wonderful and beautiful curriculum.   It’s wholesome, family oriented, and fun.  It’s rich and challenging and perfect for us.

You can see an in-depth peek over on my YouTube channel here.

Here are the subjects included in the Language Arts curriculum:





Art appreciation

Art lessons

Poetry memorization


History basics

That’s AMAZING!!  I am so pleased to have found this.  Language arts is always the subject in home school that I never seem completely settled on.

The website also offers notebooks, typing, in-depth History, handwriting, and science subjects.   Go check it out!  What a breath of fresh air to start our home school back up again.  Another added bonus is the price.  This is an absolute blessing for us.

I can hardly wait to see this in action!



settling into the city



There are many things I love about city life.  I love the conveniences.  I love the parks.  I love the options.  I LOVE the library.

Home is where your library is…and coffee.  Our library has both coffee and books. >>Happy lady here<<

I love that we hang out with people more.  I love that the kid’s friends can come over more often.  I love the paved roads.

Side note:  I have a cleaner house always because the dust is not trying to destroy my life.

With all the great things about city life, there are rhythms I do miss greatly. I cannot wait to purchase a home where I can open the back door and let out the kids like a herd of cattle.  In my mind’s eye I picture that cattle herd riding bikes and digging holes.  I see trees being climbed and gardens being grown.

I want to see a milking goat too; however, lets not get too ambitious.  I am a working mama now.  I’m a wee bit cuckoo so anything’s possible ;)

What I truly miss, more than all, is family time.  There’s just something about the city that is too much movement for me. People can peer right over my fence!  Little Penny the pooch has not quite settled into a world that feels like she has no space.  She just can’t pee in peace.  You mamas know what I’m talking about.

The kids never play in the backyard. It’s all gravel which is great for weeds, yet they can’t ride bikes in it. They like to ride bikes….all the time.  Sadly, this is not happening much in the city.

I miss reading to the children with the wood stove roaring behind.  I miss watching other people split the wood for said stove.  I miss going on adventures to cut wood.  Well, I miss Nick and the boys doing that.

I long to see them blossom in nature, playing and ruining their clothes.  I used to peer out the window while scrubbing dishes and watch them laugh and run and throw goat poop at each other.  I actually miss all of that.

And so we try to enjoy the beautiful park within walking distance.  We visit Target more.  Nick is not a fan of that ;) We enjoy having neighbor kids knocking on the door to play.   Yet, we hope that the Lord will grant us the desires of our hearts.  We do all desire a perfect mix of the two worlds.

I imagine a pave road with at least an acre of land, within 15 minutes of work.  I dream big.  That’s how I roll.  Our next home shall be as much of all I love about city life, as it is all that I miss about the country.

We will wait and pray and hunt.  We will be grateful for where we are and what we have.  We will cultivate a love of both worlds. We will escape to mountains near by.  We will be content.

What are you struggling to be content with?  Where you are?  What you’re doing?  Who you’re with?  Be encouraged friend.  You are where you are meant to be in order to earn what you’re meant to learn.  This is our hope.

For now, It’s safe to say that we are settled into the city life.  Our hearts are looking forward to new adventures nearer the city than the farm, but farther than we are today.