delving back in


There may have been a yarn and needle sale, two interested tiny girls, and an eager mama at the store recently.  What sort of knitter would I be to deny my little loves the desires of my heart?

This mama has a year’s worth of crafting stored up inside.  One cannot justify knitting with a seventeen credit load at college.  Now that school’s out, I’m all in.

I’m free to knit now, and that’s what I am doing.  Every chance I get.  I’m taking any willing soul with me.

I love that they want to be doing what I do.  They picked their colors and off we went to the register.  I likely picked up some extra for me ;)

The lessons began the instant we got home.  They are pretty good already. I can’t handle the adorable way Josie concentrates tongue and all. Ha!

I am taking my knitting everywhere I go, just like I used to.  I have ambitious projects ahead.  Pattern writing, sweaters, socks, everything I see goes in my Ravelry queue.

What are you crafting lately?

I’m excited to have needles in hand delving back in.

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