when we adventure


When we adventure we are closer.  We remember to appreciate God’s creation.  we run wild and free.  We take a close look at the details of the world.  We forget about bills, and stress.  When we adventure we are more of who we are.  We connect to our spirit.

Sometimes I forget how much I love being on an adventure.  My mind wants to remember the work.  The packing.  The prepping.  The mess.

That’s why I like photography.

Images remind me of the fun moments.  Memories the kids won’t forget should outweigh the tasks.

We need more adventure in this house.

Not pictured is the knitting I got done, the laughs we had, the food we ate, the energy they got out.

What adventures do you love to do with your family?  What do you want to remember in those moments?

We have fun and make memories when we adventure.

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