getting back together


It has been a mere week and a half since I finished school and I have noticed many things.  Mostly what I have noticed is that our family hasn’t been together much.

My kids are fighting more.

My kids have lost all manners I taught them.

My kids have been ignoring our house rules.  No eating in bedrooms ect.

My patience is not what it should be.

My mom brain is fully engaged now.

It’s amazing what you don’t notice when you’re just plain tired.  I was also gone.  Often. Like frequently.  Most of the time.

The mom is said to be the heart of the home.  I admit that I have had such a large workload that my heart hasn’t been fully with my family even when I have been near them.

No more.

I am back to monitoring and coaching interpersonal relationships. I’m pondering with a watchful eye, listening with perked ears, and making lots of eye contact.  You know, the sort where you hope they see your face and change their words before you actually say something.  That sort.

I wanted to share a great on-the-go resource for opening up your heart and mind to just being better at momming.  I say this with a whisper because I don’t want to trap you in the mindset of doing everything you hear.  I’ve been there before and ideas after ideas are an exhausting wheel to spin on.

Think of this resource as more of a heart centering.

Get back on the wagon.

Check out God Centered Mom Podcast.

I have been enjoying these mom interviews to and from work, to and from moving our stuff from one house to another, and while shopping (yes I’m that person).

That’s the honest mom truth.  I’m working on centering my heart back to where it longs to be.  We are all learning what it’s like to be together more, to have more structure.

We’re not just surviving together, we’re getting back together.


5 thoughts on “getting back together

  1. Nicole Kirkpatrick says:

    Im all caught up and so glad Mama is back! Im so proud of you Jennee and the tenacity you have for all parts of life! I too am back to school but I have 5 less kids! Its still tiring to juggle it all!!


  2. Debi says:

    I really like what you said about getting back together. This article reminds me that sometimes I, as a wife who takes care of an unwell husband, suffer from that same kind of brain disconnect. Some days I just don’t want to think about where illness is leading or anything more detailed than the task at hand. And this causes me to disconnect emotionally. Gotta stay in the present. Thanks for your words.


    • VintageMamaSew says:

      You sound like you have a full plate that only few can understand. I pray the Lord’s strength in your life. He certainly carries us when we have nothing left to give. It’s so easy to shut down mentally. I’m glad you were encouraged here.


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