out camping

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We headed to the mountains Easter weekend.  It was a needed reset to our busy and work-filled lives.  Unplugging was a marvelous idea, indeed.

Let’s not talk about the all night party bunch.  Then we’ll forget all the good moments that we had.  We might block out the fact that we were all together and enjoying a camp fire and marshmallows.

How do you create memories on a budget?  What are your favorite childhood family times?

I always loved camping and spending the day at the river when I was young.  I haven’t forgotten even one of those trips.  It takes some planning and effort, but I think we are going to make a summer habit of these short weekend adventures.

2 thoughts on “out camping

  1. Debi says:

    What a beautiful family; your kids are gorgeous! Glad you were able to get outdoors and enjoy them in that setting. From recent posts it sounds like y’all needed a break. I love camping; unfortunately, my retired Army husband says he’s had enough “camping” to last him a lifetime! Oh well, we can still get outdoors a little at a time. :-)


  2. Bethany Correia says:

    I agree, camping, hiking, fishing, just nature, and parks (with sports balls and equipment) and bbq’s, get togethers with other families day trips out of town, fire pits roasting marshmallows and hot cocoa, game nights, and the like… I know with larger families its’ hard to find things that are not too expensive, but also packed with good times and fond memories.


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