i’m addicted to everything

I simply can’t help it.  I think I’m addicted to every sort of craft and hobby idea I see.  Maybe I’m too much of a dreamer. Perhaps I’m hiding from the reality of poop on the toilet seat and crumbs stuck to my bare feet.  Whatever it is, I have a hard time stopping it when it needs to be stopped.

I tried to make a promise to myself not to knit, sew, or cross stitch.  I did a good job of it these last few months.  I found myself hopelessly lost in every book in our house that interested me instead.  I’ve read nine books in five weeks.  Nine. That’s a record.  There never seems to be an end in sight when I get on (what I call) a binge.  This month it’s books.  What next month brings, I know not.

Do you do that?  Am I the only one?

My family has been enjoying the TLC show Cake Boss lately.  It’s been a teasing reminder my former passion for cake decorating.  I keep seeing visions of piped butter cream dancing in my head.  I’m pretty sure I’m a hobbyist.  Of everything. Perhaps it’s my need to be constantly busy doing something.

I can really get myself going.  So much so, that I loose steam.  Big surprise, right?  It’s true.  I do this constantly.  I get going so fast that I lose sight of my true purpose.  I want to honor Jesus with the life he has given me.  Sometimes I put unneeded pressure and tasks on my plate that He never asked of me.  I want to do His will.  Often, I find myself doing mine.

I’m certainly the sort that needs to be gently reminded by the Lord to just sit.  Be quiet.  Be Still.  I want to hear from Him. That requires turning off the list of actions I constantly have running through my head.

Just listen and wait.

Do you need to hear this today?  I sure did.  I have a sneaky feeling that many mamas share the same struggles.

Patience.  That’s always been a tough one for me.  Something amazing happens when I’m still.  I hear.

Patient endurance is what you need now, so that you will continue to do God’s will. Then you will receive all that he has promised.  Hebrews 10:36

2 thoughts on “i’m addicted to everything

  1. Bethany says:

    I think that verse has to be very timely for me. Lately I feel like I have been in an opposite situation. I have no time, no energy to do any hobby, though I desire to pick something up, so it almost feels discouraging on my end to not be able to do anything that takes any time that would be “fun” for me. But I know that I’m doing at least what I should be doing, being a wife, mother, homeschooling and homemaking (which are hard things to keep up on). That verse spoke to me in a very good way. Thanks for sharing. Having said all that, maybe God wants us to have a balance of both good things in our life. Yes we need to keep up on our responsibilities, but He gave us talents and abilities that can be used for His glory. My mind goes to the Proverbs 31 woman, being resourceful, providing for your family etc.


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