stripe the squares, baby!

I have finally finished new little babe’s blanket.  Here it is.   I love knitting.  I really really do.  So relaxing, yet still productive.  I hope you enjoy this pattern and good luck to you.


K= knit

P= purl

pm= place marker

sm= slip marker

R= row

CO= cast on


3 colors of worsted yarn, 2 balls each

Size 10.5 round needles ( I used 26 inch)

The Pattern:

With main color:
CO 138. K 8 rows.

With color 2: (do same for each color every 14 rows)
K14,pm, P10, pm, K10, pm, P10, pm, K10, P10, pm K10, pm, P10,pm, K10, pm, P10, pm, K10, pm, P10, pm, K14.

R2- Knit all sts
continue with R1 and R2, slipping markers, for a total of 14 rows.

R 15- change to color 3.
K4, P10, sm, K10, sm, P10, sm, K10, sm, P10, sm, K10, sm, P10, sm, K10, sm, P10, sm, K10, sm,P10, sm, K10, sm, P10, K4.

R16 Knit all sts

continue with R15 and R16, slipping markers for 14 rows, and alternating colors every 14 rows.

Repeat pattern (r1/r2 and r15/r16), alternating colors. Knit until desired length.

K 8 rows with Main color, Cast off, weavin in all loose ends.

Swaddle a sweet babe.

67 thoughts on “stripe the squares, baby!

  1. Rochi Castro Kahn says:

    So excited to start this cute blanket, I always try to knit a small piece to fix my mistakes or needle size. Thank you so much.


  2. Gail H Hurwitz says:

    Hello! thank you for this lovely pattern. Can you explain why on on rows 1-14 you start and end with 14 sts but then on row 15 you start and stop with 4? This does not make sense to me, nor does it seem to add up to the same 138. Am I missing something? Thank hyou


  3. Inderjit says:

    Thank you so much–what a beautiful patteran– I made same design blanket for my baby in 1981– now my big baby is having baby in Dec. I would like to start knitting again only simple ones like Lap blankets–I also sew that’s also in process.
    I am Happy that I found this site.
    Happy knitting enjoying your children & grandchildren– God Bless!!


  4. Gail Halabe says:

    Hi, I am starting this lovely blanket but I read a post from Debi from Feb 2015 which you did not reply to. In order for the blanket to be reversible on both sides, isn’t she correct by suggesting that all row 2s should be not just Knit but a reverse of the row previous row? I am curious to hear your opinion as to why you decided to do it that way. Thank you so much, and thanks for this great design.


  5. Pam says:

    Hi there! I love this blanket, it looks like a modern take on patch work! I would like to knit it for my niece who is expecting her first baby April/May but we live in NZ and our knitting products are in metric measurements. I just wanted to check about the needle size in your pattern, are they US size? Thank you for your time.


  6. Debi says:

    Oh, one thing I forgot to ask: do you “carry” the colors up along the side when you change colors? Or do you just weave in the ends every time you change colors? I’ve never done stripes before, so I don’t know what would look better in this regard. Thanks again for your time and response!


  7. Debi says:

    I love your blanket! I’m planning on doing it in teal, tan, and dark brown, in a large size to use as a TV-watching throw to go with my living room colors. However, I’m confused about something. I’ll quote your pattern:

    K14,pm, P10, pm, K10, pm, P10, pm, K10, P10, pm K10, pm, P10,pm, K10, pm, P10, pm, K10, pm, P10, pm, K14.

    R2- Knit all sts
    continue with R1 and R2, slipping markers, for a total of 14 rows.”

    The part I’m confused about is why do you knit all stitches in row 2? Wouldn’t you just knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches, to continue the pattern? I’m not real experienced, but I’ve knit a basketweave blanket before, and I don’t understand or see where the “R2 – knit all stitches” part comes in. I’m trying to look at the pictures, but to me it looks like you just continue the pattern as in Row 1. Only on the back side, on row 2, I would think you would just knit what appears as a knit stitch (for 10 stitches) and then purl what appears as a purl stitch (for 10 stitches) to continue the pattern.

    Sorry if I seem dense on this, I just need a little clarification. BTW, love your blog. I’d love to do a blog too, but I don’t know how. I’ll figure that out somehow. But I’m mainly just confused on Row 2 of your pattern.

    Thanks for any advice you can give me! Oh, also, you have some beautiful children! From your blog comments, I think you’re a fantastic mom!


  8. Ellie says:

    Thanks for posting the pattern for this gorgeous blanket! Could you please tell me….if I wanted to use a really nice/special quality yarn, what would you recommend?


      • Krysta says:

        Oh! Great idea! Thanks for the quick reply. Starting to make one tonight in my sons university colors for those cold Canadian winters.


      • Grace W. says:

        I’m more familiar the counter you insert on your needle, and find it easier to use. Would it work? My son in coming back from his first college year and I have just one week to surprise him with a new blanket for his bed. I’m using Bernat Blanket and might modify the squares for a bigger size. Thanks!


  9. sriya pathirana says:

    I want to knit this lovely blanket but I am confuse about this –

    With main color:
    CO 138. K 8 rows.

    With color 2: (do same for each color every 14 rows

    This mean i have to knit 8 rows in each colour or knit 7 rows with each colour. Please explain this .Thanks


  10. Angie says:

    I absolutely love this pattern! I’m a beginner knitter and just taught myself the basket weave stitch yesterday so I can (hopefully!) make one for my son and daughter. Thank u so much for the inspiration! I really appreciate ur blog too- it’s comforting to know I’m not the only mommy out here who desires to be a Godly wife and mother but still gets frustrated, tired and overwhelmed lol! We r surely all works in progress and thank The Lord for His great mercy and patience with us!


  11. marykistre says:

    How much leftover yarn did you have? I don’t quite have 6 balls, so I’m using 5 balls, worsted weight, 100g each. Do you think this will be enough, at least to get most of the blanket done?


    • VintageMamaSew says:

      I’m not sure. I didn’t use up all six. I had a little of each ball left. It’s been a awhile since I made this, so I don’t feel qualified to tell you yes or no. I can’t remember details. Sorry. Maybe you could use a different color stripe in the middle of the blanket from your stash to help with the yardage.


    • VintageMamaSew says:

      I think I put them up on my Ravelry page. It’s been a while so I don’t remember them off the top of my head. Sorry :(


  12. Candice says:

    Just finished knitting a blanket for a dear friend using this pattern. It was fairly easy to follow & looks great!! I must have misread the start, as I did 14 rows for the first border, so when it came to finishing, had to do 14 rows there. Still looks great! Thank you so much for sharing this!!!


  13. Theresa says:

    Can you explain the slip marker and place maker difference? I’m new to knitting and this will be my first blanket. Thanks so much, Theresa


    • vintagemamasew says:

      Sorry I didn’t answer sooner. When you place a marker you are putting it on. When you slip it, you are taking it from one needle to the other. I hope that helps. If not, I’m sure you can find a video on YouTube. Thanks for stopping by.


  14. Allison says:

    Hi I love the pattern! Question, when you switch to color 3 and do rows 15/16, then you say to alternate colors and continue…but then it says to continue rows 1/2 and 15/16 alternating colors. So is it, switch colors and alternate the pattern every time, or continue the rest of the blanket with 15/16? Thanks, I can’t wait to get started. :)


  15. knudsonerica says:

    Found this pattern on Ravelry – beautiful job!
    I have a question about the border – in your photos, it looks like the border is all done in the main color. Can you tell me how you did that? (From the pattern, it appears that the knit4 border would be striped, just like the rows)

    Thanks again for sharing!


    • vintagemamasew says:

      The sides of this blanket don’t have a border. The top and bottom borders, done in the brown color here, are knit in garter stitch instead of alternating between garter ans stockinette stitch.

      Does that answer your question well? Hope you have a great time knitting up this blanket.


      • knudsonerica says:

        Thanks – I’d assumed the wrong thing from looking at the photos, but I now understand what you are saying.
        I got my needle out today and just need to pick out the yarn. Can’t wait to try this beautiful pattern. Thanks again!


  16. Emotional Mommie says:

    I have read many knitting posts this past week. By chance? The universe is providing me with my perfect imagined life. I have always wanted to knit. I love to crochet my own patterns. You are very talented.


    • vintagemamasew says:

      The blanket measures 36×40 relaxed and unblocked. If you want to increase the width do it by repeating the purled and garter stitch pattern. CO increases of 14 for each additional square. If you want in increase length, add more color strips.

      Hope that helps!


      • Aimee says:

        Would you increase this by 14 or 10 to increase the width? Been trying to get it to work out but can’t figure it out with increases of 14. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


      • VintageMamaSew says:

        Increasing by 14 makes an extra square at the end of your work (width). To increase how long it is add a whole extra row of squares (another stripe of color). Does that help?


    • Melissa Dunford Wild says:

      I am working on this in 2 colors – lime green and brown in a soft acrylic for a baby blanket. The baby was due 2 days ago… somehow I think the child will not arrive as late as his blanket will. I am only about 1/3 of the way done. ;)


  17. electricia says:

    Hi, I found this pattern through Ravelry and I love it! It’s perfect for a friend’s soon-to-be baby boy. I have a question about the pattern, though. I’ve never encountered the stitch marker and place markers before, and I don’t really understand what you do with them. I’m not that advanced of a knitter, and I’ve just never encountered them before. Is there an easy way for you to explain, or do you happen to have a link that would explain it? A quick google search didn’t turn up anything that seemed useful.

    Thanks! It’s really beautiful!


  18. Ali says:

    How many yards of each color do you need. You say 2 balls of each color, but sometimes I can get away with 1 and sometimes I need 3 depending on the yardage. It’s a super cute pattern, I can’t wait to get started.



    • vintagemamasew says:

      On my ravelry page you should be able to look up the yardage on the yarn I used. To be honest, I don’t remember. Enjoy the pattern.


  19. Maggie says:

    I love this blanket, however, I think there is an error. I think it should be co 138 not 136. I started knitting this and after the eighth row I placed my markers, but when I got to the end of the row I only had twelve stitches left not fourteen. I will pull out my work and start over. Thank you for this pattern, it’s beautiful!


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