humble homesteading: heritage breed pigs

IMG_1287 IMG_1288

We’ve done it again.  We now have four happy pigs at the farm.  They are Large Blacks.  We had a hard time finding a heritage breed close to us.

These pictures were taken in the first few days of us having them.  They weren’t used to a hyper lady trying to get up in their faces with a big, black, scary camera yet.  Perhaps they never will warm up to that idea.

If you recall, we’ve done this before.  It was a bit of a nightmare.  We were inexperienced and naive.

I’m not concerned about these guys getting out this time around.  We had quite the time getting our operation under control when we had pigs a couple of years ago.  This was solely due to farmer-error.  I’m not saying we’re experts now, I’m just saying we have a better plan than we had before.

The last plan was to make a pen…the night before I picked up the little devils.  This plan was more along the lines of making an impermeable fortress.  What a difference!

The problem with pigs getting out of their area it that the eat everything.  Dog food, chicken food, goat grain, eggs, jack-o-lanterns- everything.  Seriously, everything.  All things eatable.  That costs us around $20 every time they got out.  Crazy expensive pork.

It was delicious though.

That’s why we have them again.  The suffering and expense was worth it.  The first bacon we had we said aloud, “We’re doin’ this again!”

The farm is filling up again.  I’m so thankful for all we have and do here.  It’s so much work sometimes, but it’s a good sort.

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