yarn along

It’s time for another yarn along folks.

This week’s knit is yet another of my Canary patterns.  CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK Canary.


What’s on the book shelf?  Still trying to work my way through War and Peace.  I’m also reading Platform by Michael Hyatt.  I can’t remember if I’ve ever read a self-help book before.  With Josie’s book in the works I needed some direction for promotion and such.

It’s a great book.  I still can’t wait to get back to pleasure reading.

Haven’t finished The Mission of Motherhood yet, either.  I kinda plateaued at chapter 5.  She said a few things that came off wrong to me.  She gave an example of how her kids sometimes comment about other children’s behaviors in public.  They say things like, “Why would that child act that way.”  She responds by saying they aren’t trained correctly.  She brags about how well-behaved her kids are, implying their behaviors are mostly great– that may be.  It’s just felt a little judgmental and arrogant.  I’m sure that wasn’t the intention, but my own kids have been on both sides of the fence.

I’ve been complemented, and I’ve gotten stares of disapproval.

Telling your child you know why another kid acts badly isn’t right.  You just never really know what’s going on in a family.  It’s been hard for me to get back into it after reading that.

She does have very great points in earlier chapters.  I do want to finish.  I just need to get back to the right perspective on this.

I really appreciate how she conveys the serventhood side of mothering.  It’s easy for me to become selfish as a mother.  I mean why do the little dears pick the worst days to act up?  When I’m unusually tired, ambitious about cleaning or sick it seems like a WWF match here.  Lol.

I take parenting books with a grain of salt.  I mostly just like to pray about the ideas that I think will work for our family.  They are tools, not scriptures.  The Bible always trumps what any human can offer me.

What are you reading or making?  Comment here or link up at Small Things.

3 thoughts on “yarn along

  1. Ashley says:

    Well your thoughts got me wondering about what I had taken away from that chapter…it’s been so long now since I read the book. I will totally agree with you that there are times in Sally’s writing when she can come off a bit almost snobbish. But I’ve read enough by her that has encouraged me greatly that I tend to try to focus on what I know her ultimate goal is; to be an encourager to mothers. I try to filter all she says through that and feel free to disregard things she says that I don’t agree with because she is of course human and everything she says is certainly not going to be perfect.
    Anyway, I did find the review I wrote on this chapter…. in my reviews I tried really hard to focus on the positive things I saw in each chapter. Maybe this will help you want to get back into the book and finish. ;)



    • VintageMamaSew says:

      Thanks Ashley. I agree with you. I really do want to finish, and I don’t think she’s a terrible human :) I just didn’t want to keep coming across those silly comments. I know I’ll finish. Thanks.


  2. Bethany says:

    I agree with you when you commented about why kids act the way they do sometimes, you don’t know what’s going on… i.e. major changes in a child’s life can cause them to act out differently from the norm and the acting out isn’t always nice (first hand experience from one of mine who doesn’t take change very easily). . . amen to taking books and human ideologies with a grain of salt and Bible trumps all!!!


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