big, dry, fluffy news

After nearly two years of not having a drying,  we have moved into the nineteenth century.  Since I’m a notorious nerd about research, I found info about the dryer.  Click here for the history.  I must say that within the hour of its installation, it was working hard.


It’s not new or glamorous.  It was free.  It’s not even energy efficient *gasp* , but golly does it dry clothes.  I’m one happy housewife.  Good bye clothing monsters peering ugly heads from every closet.  Line drying will continue in the spring and summer months. The usual winter laundry back-up will not win this years.

I still appreciate the money that’s saved by using the line.  I also know that since our heat source is free and our cooling source is very expensive, I have a bit of room to wiggle on the winter bill.  Perfect swap-out I’d say.

What conveniences are you willing to spend the money on?  I still can’t bring myself to buy paper towel.

One thought on “big, dry, fluffy news

  1. Ashley says:

    That’s probably been one of my few sad things about our move…no more clothesline. :( I miss it. I do still have a drying rack I stick on the back deck with the clothes I don’t like to put in the dryer though.

    I bought paper plates during our move and that felt like the biggest most outrageous indulgence for convenience sake ever! But I think it was worth it. We’re back to real dishes now of course. :)


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